Thursday, October 19, 2017

Front Porch & Meet My New Puppy

Well, he's not exactly a puppy and he isn't exactly real, but he is REALLY REALLY CUTE.

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what to do with our non-existent front porch.  I love our house, but I think the front entrance should look really inviting and ours has me stumped.
Here is a view of the entire front of the house.

There isn't room for a bench or any kind of seating area, so a door wreath, maybe an urn planter by the side of the door and ??????  That is when I thought maybe this fabulous little dog would look amazing at the door and move the urn out to the end of the porch area by the bushes.

I remembered seeing him a while back at AtHome, then when I went to my local one to get him, he was sold out.  My daughter found this one at another store and picked it up for me.  When she brought it by we sat it by the inside of the door and he just looked so perfect that I am not sure he will ever make it outside.

Ok, back to the front porch.  As you can see, there isn't room for any kind of furniture on this porch area.  In fact it is not really even a porch, it is a "stoop".  Just a plain simple entrance.  There is a walkway across the front and a walkway behind that column with the house number on it.

 Now I had originally thought the dog statue would look really cute out here, but he would have to sit out near the front of the walkway.  Not sure that is a great look.  So maybe leave it simple and plain.

 I have to share this little cutie watching me as I hosed off the front walkway.  He's grandma's angel and loves that walker.  He can scoot all over the place with it.

Alright enough grandma bragging, I found this really pretty faux magnolia leaf wreath at Hobby Lobby and added a few feathers, antlers and flowers from my stash to give it a fall look.

I found those faux antler picks in the Christmas floral aisle of Hobby Lobby.  Love them and I can find so many uses for them too.

 I spray painted an old urn that I had and added a pretty palm.  This adds a little greenery at the door and that frog is one of my favorites.  I've had him for a long time.

For now I think this is going to have to do for the front entrance. (I really want to paint the front door a color to coordinate with the house trim, so I need to look at a few paint chips.  I think that would also add some character to the front entrance.)

Yes, all new landscaping is coming this Spring, but for now this is about all I can think of for the entrance. 

I think the "puppy" is going to remain inside, he really is cute by the front door.

Ok, I need to find something else for the outside, or just leave it as is.  What do you think?  Any ideas for the porch?


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  1. Your new puppy looks great in your home. I love the wreath you embellished.

  2. Always time to brag on the babies :)
    The wreath and pup are both beautiful.

    Happy Fall Marty!!

  3. Love the pup and the wreath and the baby is precious! Maybe an outdoor painting on that plain wall before the door? Or if those shrubs weren't in front of that window, a small bistro type table and chairs?

  4. Love the wreath and the whole set-up. :)

  5. The door definitely needs to be painted a "stand out" color and that could be brazen like red, or soft like taupe - just different from the trim and the house. In place of the potted palm, a nice topiary would stand out and give different texture/style. The round wreath and the roundness of the palm aren't playing together nicely. For Christmas a little white-lighted tree maybe by the door. The front entry seems to be blending into the house instead of standing out. The dog is wonderful inside by the door or perhaps "raised up" some on the porch so he is seen. IMHO only are these thoughts. You will know when you have it right because your style is always pleasing. JudyCinNC

    1. I forgot to add - your frog looks exactly like our "Ruthie", given to us by a very dear friend several years ago. I love her. JudyCinNC

  6. Love that you are now close to your family, especially grandchildren. I think you need some color by the front door. I would plant some colorful flowers around the base of the urn, around the palm. Your looks really good Marty! Judy M.

  7. Marty,
    Everything you choose always comes out fabulous, so I have no doubt the front entrance will too.
    I like the idea of painting the front door a different color so it stands out. For seating, how about a fabulous pair of Adirondak chairs right on the gravel? Or maybe a cute inexpensive and colorful metal bistro set on the gravel? Very Provençal!

  8. Love the wreath, love the 'puppy', they are the best kind and don't leave a mess or a vet bill!!!

    I think the planter needs a different shape that fills the bottom portion, like an evergreen tree or someone said a topiary. A soft coral or dusty green would be wonderful on the front door. Love the frog!!!

  9. Love your new home; you have done wonders with your talent. The puppy is adorable and should stay indoors. If your front door faces the west sun, a lighter paint color will keep you from painting it every year. Your palm looks cute, but it is small. The Sago palms get very big and bushy, I agree with Anonymous some flowers would be perfect for a pop of color. Also, a good trimming of your bushes would be in order to be able to see the entire windows since they are beautiful! Love your wreath; Hobby Lobby is now on my list for errands!

  10. I love what you have done. Your wreath is especially pretty! My suggestion would be to get 4 x 6 outdoor rug and lay it lengthwise from the columns to the door. It would add some color and lend that welcoming feeling.

  11. So creative with the wreath! Love the 'puppy', no shedding :) What a Precious Grand baby!
    I'm waiting to see what you do with you're stoop, it's twice the size of mine! ♥

  12. What a precious little grandchild!! paint the front door a light brown and remove the small palm tree. Put something on the wall where the light is and it will be a total new look!!!

  13. Love that doggie by the window (just had to say that). Honestly, I would move the urn with the palm in front of the column with the house number. As someone said, the great wreath and the urn/palm do not look well in that spot and they fight each other. Try to find one of those little planter tables (something similar to this one to put under the black light fixture, so that there is a place to put a bag if necessary while unlocking the door. Not that table in particular or it might work very well with the black lighting

  14. Oh-It is all those little decisions that drive you crazy, isn't it, Marty? I love your dog right where he is-he fits the spot perfectly. How about a tall, spiral topiary by the door? Maybe about 5' tall. I think that might be all you need to dress it up. It wouldn't infringe on your door that way. If it were me, I would also paint the door to make it pop. I see you have black accents so if you didn't want to do a color I think just a nice enamel black would make it pop, too.

    It's getting there, Marty =looks good so far. You will know when you have just the right thing there. It will just 'feel' right. xo Diana

  15. Love the wreath, keeping the doggie inside, and the adorable grand baby! I think the front door needs a color that pops and replace the palm with a topiary. Also adding some small pots of colorful flowers would look nice too.
    I love your style! You will know when it all looks just right.

  16. You have two pillars out front, perfect for a couple of hanging urns which can be planted with either real or fake greenery.

  17. What a wonderful idea, Marty, to paint your door. I think after you do that, your answers for the rest of the decor will sort them selves out. You always do it up right, Marty. There is no doubt in my mind you will have it looking spectacular in no time. Judy

  18. Love the the wreath...and what about a tall topiary by the door rather than the shorter plant? I know Eugenia's do well in warmer climates...wonder how they do in AZ...would give you a bit more height and love the Eugenia's that have multiple spheres...I had them in Florida and love them!

  19. your little "scooter"...precious! Your wreath is beautiful Marty, love the antlers.

  20. SO cute.....both the puppy and the grandbaby!! :) Is there room for a small seat where the urn is right now and then put the urn under the house numbers?

  21. Hi Marty,
    I think a nice color on the door would add a lot of charm, and also maybe tiling the
    entrance way or having someone paint a tile look. I think your wreath looks very pretty,
    as well as your planter. Your lil grandson is adorable, and love your new doggie, so cute.
    Blessings, Nellie

  22. Love the doggie and the little one. Something needs to go on the wall....maybe a iron applique or even an applique of some kind. Yes, the door does need painting. Hope you are not in a HOA. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Your pup looks GREAT right there, Marty - but nothing is as cute as that adorable baby boy! Oh, those eyes! ADORABLE! I love the pic of him - he's moving his foot so fast it is blurry!

    Must be a grandma thing, I posted today about my grand daughter at a pumpkin farm. ♥

    No such thing as too much grandma bragging. Hugs.

  24. Well the puppy would look good outside but he sure is an adorable guard dog by the front door. Oh decisions, decisions. And the palm and wreath is so pretty so I would go by that.

  25. Once you paint the door,you'll be inspired !

  26. I see you have black accents so if you didn't want to do a color I think just a nice enamel black would make it pop, too.