Thursday, October 12, 2017

Trendy Decor That Isn't Over The Top

It amazes me at what becomes "Trendy" and what doesn't.  Right now, skulls, horns and antlers all seem to be trendy.  Now I don't do a lot of trendy, but when you find something that is "in" at the moment and for a steal, then I can go with it.  I don't think we should spend a lot of money on trendy decor, but it is fun to spice up your decor if the item is a bargain.  I found a skull and horns that I thought might be fun, it just needed a little makeover.

This is my new treasure.  Really pretty as is, but I wanted it gold, not silver.

 So I taped everything off and took it outside for a little bit of spray paint.

 All better.  Then I took a little black paint and dry bushed some of the features of the skull and the horns.

 This helps to give it a little dimension.

 This is a fun "Trendy" accessory and for around $10 a bargain.

I placed a gold angler that I had in my stash next to it.

Here's another post I did about "Trendy Decor"

and another one for your office.  Kate Spade Inspired Desk Accessories.

Are you Trendy or are you a little more conservative too?


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  1. I rarely do 'trendy' anymore, Marty. One of the trends that I bypassed is burlap. I carried too many bags of feed around in burlap bags when I was a kid- made me itch then--still makes me itch. lol
    I like your piece though- it is just fun and not too much at all. I think the dry-brushing black really toned it down a bit. xo Diana

  2. I must admit, I wouldn't have thought to dry-brush with black paint. I'm not very creative when it comes to painting unfortunately! In terms of "trendy", I guess it depends on what it is. I see something new and at first I think I like it, but sometimes I come to realize it was just the fact that it was different that attracted me.

  3. I find myself enjoying more trendy than I used to. With Marshalls and Target it is easier to pick up trendy inspired objects inexpensively. So I have a few more trendy things than I used to. I think you need a few trendy items to keep your décor current. I find it interesting to have my old stuff right next to the new. It has a nice collected look. Your skull looks good Marty.

  4. Guess I am conservative and have bypassed most trends. I do like what you did with your find...dry brushing black paint for depth was a good idea. xoxo

  5. I am not trendy at all, mostly classic and traditional. Items have to have meaning to me, maybe a memory or something that makes me smile. I like a collected look that ages over time, and I love naturals. Skulls and antlers have no meaning for me nor do they fit in with my décor......same with burlap, drop cloths, certain colors, and unnecessary re-do's of rooms that are fine as is........etc.

    Your new pieces fit in nicely and dry brushing is a great tool!!

  6. I normally bypass most trends, but yours looked really good. You did a wonderful job with the paint.


  7. Aren't you smart? You're right--trendy is not for investment! But it's fun to have a little pop of something trendy if it's the right price. You did a great job of incorporating this piece into your decor!

  8. Love the transformation from silver to gold! I love the classics but often use a little trendy mixed in to keep it updated and fresh and more interesting! You have a wonderful balance of classic and trendy in your home!!! Beautiful Marty!

  9. I love what you did with the deer make an original mark. As far as trends, I watch them. If they appeal to me and I really love them, I might decide if they fit in with my decor. I truly try to be original. Yet---I love shiplap, for example. I have it in my kitchen. But I also o have a chandelier. I love doing my own thing but we do benefit from what we see out there. How else would we bloggers relate!!

    Jane xxx

  10. I'm not trendy at all, but every once in awhile I stumble on something like your find and then it fits in perfectly. And this one you have looks just right where it is, especially with the change from silver to gold. Lovely!

  11. Hi Marty! I'm back after a long hiatus with some health problem. I live in Apache Junction now.I just love your new home and the way you have been true to your love for traditional, but you've always had a real talent for keeping it fresh and current.I'm having lots of fun going through your blog and catching up. Thanks for always "being there". Keep up the wonderful ideas and thank you for so graciously sharing them with us.

  12. I tend to stay away from 'trendy' unless it's something I absolutely love, and then it's going to stay in my home for a long time, long past the time it will be 'trendy!'

  13. Love all your great ideas and your 24K paint! What's the name of that paint? I need to update some of my old items with a fresh gold look!

  14. It has a nice collected look. Your skull looks good Marty.