Saturday, December 2, 2017

Our Christmas Porch

Well it is not really much of a porch, more like a stoop, but I had a lot of fun decorating it.  Garland and a wreath around the door and a small tree and presents on the side.

At night with all the lights it looks so pretty and welcoming.

The garland is decorated with some floral picks, 99c flowers and assorted plastic ornaments.

 This is the same wreath I had last year, so recycling again.

A small 4' tree and presents welcome my guests as they walk in.

One more present for the porch.

So how about you, do you have a great porch or a stoop?

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  1. It is lovely and you have indeed created a very warm welcoming for your guests. We do not spend Christmas at home so I decorate very minimally. I only have a pretty wreath on the door and a small tree inside with lights on a timer that can be seen through the front door. It's enough for us to enjoy while we're here and very little to have to undo once we get home after New Years.

  2. It looks wonderfully welcoming! Love that leopard print wrapping paper!

  3. So pretty and welcoming Marty. Love your wreath on the front door. Gorgeous.

  4. That's about the size of my "porch" in front too, Marty. This time of year I always wish it to be larger. But, my goodness how you have made it so festive! It looks wonderful -
    but the best part of this post is seeing your pretty face. Neat wrapping paper too. ♥

    Have a blessed Advent season, sweet friend.

  5. I like the front porch decor, but I got a chuckle seeing you dressed in summer clothes and sandals holding Presents. Here in Reno, we are dressing more warmly, although the weather here is unusually warm for this time of year.

    1. We have still been in the 80's, so it is still a lot warm here. Never thought about how funny that would look. haha

  6. My porch is very small, but I love to decorate it! Yours is festive and very welcoming, Marty!

  7. I have a pretty good sized porch and it would look wonderful if I would get my act together and decorate it.
    There must be a magic word that would get me started.
    Marty, your porch looks so inviting, please come and do mine.

  8. Looks great, Marty! My porch is even smaller than yours.

  9. You put together the best garland (outside/inside)! Love the presents.

  10. I HAD a great porch and now have a tiny stoop like you. I miss my porch a lot! Yours looks great. Next year I should do a garland around the door, love that look!

  11. Such a beautiful lady! And the porch looks great, too!

  12. Such a beautifully decorated porch it all from the garland to the cute little tree by the door...and love seeing your smiling face!!....I have to start my porch soon.

  13. You really created a festive entry, Marty!! LOVE! And look at that pretty hostess answering the door!!

    Great job!


  14. Your porch looks gorgeous for Christmas. Just right, and not too much to take care of. You look totally adorable, that color is wonderful on you! I have to giggle about the presents. We've had trouble in our area with thieves following the UPS and FedEx trucks, so they probably wouldn't last the afternoon here!

  15. It is lovely! I did notice the sandals, where I live we aren't wearing sandals anymore. Not real cold, but it is too cool for sandals. Your stoop is very inviting.

  16. Leopard print wrap! Love it. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!