Friday, December 8, 2017

2017 Christmas Home Tour - My Home

Welcome to the 2017 Christmas Home Tours . I am thrilled to be starting todays tours off .  If you are new to our home I am so excited you stopped by.   Last year we had only been in our home a week before Christmas and I felt lucky to have one room where company could sit down and a 4' tree.  We still managed to have 18 for Christmas night and it was so wonderful to be close to all of the family.  This year I couldn't wait to decorate.  We have been so busy all year remodeling and redoing each room, so now it was time to add a bit of Christmas Cheer to our home.

  I've been busy wrapping a few presents to put on the porch..  It's still in the 80's here, but I am pretending it is going to be a snowy Christmas.   Come on in, I can't wait to show you our home all dressed in Christmas spirit.

There are 5 more homes on the tour today, so check them out at the end of my tour.

As you walk in looking straight ahead,  the first thing you see is the stairs.  We haven't had stairs for over 20 years, so I had so much fun creating the garland to decorate ours this year. This view shows a bit of the upstairs loft area and the archway leads to the downstairs family room and kitchen that occupy the back half of the house.

As you look to the right you will see the living room and our tree.

With two story ceilings, we chose to get a 9' tree this year. 

 I love the light this room gets, but it almost made the tree too bright for good pics.  I kept it simple with just gold and silver.

The most amazingly wonderful thing about our tree this year is how the light from upstairs shines on it in the afternoon.  Just as we were all sitting down to dinner for Thanksgiving, I looked up and a light from the loft window upstairs was shining on our Angel.  We had just finished saying grace.   This made us all pause and give thanks again.

This year the tree is the main show, I kept the rest of the decor pretty simple.

Pillows with a little sparkly and shine.  The malachite pillows are favorites.  I added a little gold sparkle to them a few years ago.  A really fun diy project.

Santa dressed in his gold and white finery, a sparkly twig tree and gold reindeer on the coffee table.

The entrance table received a forest of trees that light up and my favorite Carolers.

There is plenty of sparkle and shine in the dining area from the garland and chandelier.

I shared a tutorial on how I created the garland here.

Our Nativity graces the center of the table.  This is such a special treasure that I inherited from my Mother-in-Law.  These are vintage pieces that my hubby remembers as he was growing up.

A special angel that I found at Goodwill is watching over the miracle of the Lords birth.

I set the table for Christmas dinner using the same centerpiece.  It just seemed appropriate for the day.

Antique gold trimmed glasses and my bone handled silverware kept the gold-white and silver theme going.

I love this view at dusk with all the lights - taken from the bottom of the stairs.

We are so happy to be in our new home and so Thankful for all of Gods Blessings.  Being closer to family has made a huge change in our lives.  (A new grandson has been one of many Blessings) .  I will have all of my children and grands (except 2) here this year for Christmas.  Several that live out of state will be coming home, so my heart is about to explode with joy.

 Thank you for stopping by today, I always love having company.  Check back next week to see my 2017 Christmas Home Tours Part 2 - Family Room & Kitchen.

Now let's take a look at the other 5 homes on today's tours.

Life On Virginia Street - Sarah always pays attention to every detail.  How fabulous to have a small tree at each place setting.

Clean and Scentsible - Jenn created this beautiful cookie bar.  Her style takes Farmhouse Elegance to a new level.

Nesting With Grace - Brooke's home is always filled with charm and character that shows her fabulous personality.  Living small never looked so good.

Cuckoo4Design - Julia has the most exquisite taste.  I love how she always gives black and white a contemporary elegant twist.

Pink Peppermint Design - Tammy has taken Farmhouse to a new Up-Scale style.  I love the shiplap around her fireplace and her stunning nature inspired tree.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see these 6 Beautiful homes.

Tuesday – Dec 5th

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  1. Marty, I love all the sparkle and that spot is perfect for your beautiful tree! Great tour!

  2. Marty that is quite a tree!! Your home looks beautiful and I love how you added the garland going up the stairs! Enjoy it all this Christmas season!

  3. Your house is gorgeous!! I love that garland on the stairs, and that gold Christmas tree pillow is too cute! So festive!

  4. Marty your home tour is absolutely magical! The malachite pillows touched with gold are simply stunning. I can't wait to visit everyone. I plan on featuring the lineup each day on social media.

  5. Marty- THIS LOOKS FAB! I love the garland, and almost wish I had stairs in my home (almost...) :) Beautiful, classic and timeless. xo.

  6. Wow that tree is a show stopper. Love the entire open space and it looks so festive together.

  7. Marty, how amazing to see the glow on the angel! your home looks so festive and I love all the reminders of the importance of the holiday season. Great line-up to kick thinks off this week. Happy holidays!

  8. I love your Christmas decor - the metallics and green are so pretty in your living room. But my favorite thing is your little nativity scene under the cloche! How cute is that? I love cloches and use them frequently, and now I know I need a little nativity set small enough so that I can display it under a cloche!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours Marty!


  9. I know what you were going through last year! We have been in our new home about 6 weeks now. Your Christmas décor is so pretty. I love that you hung a wreath on the inside of your door!

  10. Marty, your home is beautiful dressed in all its holiday decor! The light shining on your angel is gorgeous. Enjoy your day! xoxo

  11. It's beautiful Marty! I love the big tree and the garland! It all came together perfectly. Merry Christmas!!

  12. Marty your home is beautifully decorated for the Christmas season. But I sense the love that is present, and that really makes it special! Your tree is stunning!

  13. Oh Marty...everything is stunning! I just love the way everything seems to flow, from the santa on your coffee table to the nativity scene on the dining table - it all seems to work so well. And that angel on the top of the tree...well, that just tops everything ;) Merry Christmas!

  14. Such a beautiful Christmas tour Marty! Love all the greenery with pops of gold and you are so lucky to have a 9 foot Christmas tree!

  15. Your home is just majestic Marty! WOW! Sooo beautiful! I love the 9 foot tree with all the gold and green touches around your home! I tjhink the gold flecks on the malachite pillows is just genius! It truly feels like you've lived in this home forever!!!! Thank you again for coordinating and letting me join this fabulous home tour dear!!!!

  16. Your new tree is spectacular!!! I love all of your decor, the gold and white theme is so beautiful!!! I'll go see the others too!

  17. Marty, this is just so beautiful. I love the way the gold adds so much sparkle to the natural colors you usually have in the room. Those malachite pillows are gorgeous!

  18. My gosh, Marty. Your home is just gorgeous. I love that tree and all your little touhes are so special. I think that was divine providence that the sun hit that angel at grace time!!

    What a treasure to have that nativity set that belonged to your MIL. Hope you have a great week. xo Diana

  19. Your home looks stunning decked out for Christmas. I love the metallic theme and how the colors flow from room to room. I am so jealous of your beautiful stairs adorned with garland. I have wanted stairs for years mainly for that reason. Merry Christmas Marty!

  20. Oh Marty your new home looks beautiful and that 9 foot tree is simply stunning!!!! Love the garland on the stairway and how it perfectly it frames out your dining area. What a wonderful tour, thank you so much for sharing. Merry Christmas to your and yours!!!
    XO Barbara

  21. Marty everything looks wonderful, and your tree is gorgeous. So happy that you are settled in your home and can enjoy Christmas and family. Merry Christmas! Sheila

  22. Your houses are always so beautiful, past and present. My sons and grandchildren live nearby. I can't imagine not being able to see them and I know the wonderful feeling when you are able to see them, especially for holidays. Enjoy Marty!

  23. Marty, your home is so lovely! I love how the light shines on your Christmas tree angel. It's like a little touch of Christmas blessing on your home! So happy to be touring with you again this year. Merry Christmas!

  24. I Love your tall tree!! Thank you for organizing such a great tour. You are just the kindest person, enjoyed getting to know you better

  25. It looks great, Marty! I know you're happy to be all settled and able to decorate to your heart's content this year. I can't wait to see all the holiday home tours!

  26. Marty, your beautiful Christmas tree is stealing the show, SO very pretty! And how incredible the glow on the angel. I love to see how you home glows with the spirit of the season. 🌟

  27. Marty, your Christmas home is just beautiful! I love all of the metallic accents and your tree is perfect! I think my favorite part of is the angel :) What a amazing moment that must have been to witness! Just beautiful!

  28. Oh, Marty, how wonderful! Your new home really does "sparkle and shine" for Christmas. And that story about the light hitting the angel atop your tree just as you'd finished saying grace? Well, that story really makes this whole post sparkle and shine! God bless you, sweet Marty!!

  29. Marty, It is all just so beautiful and festive! I just love how you hung that garland on the staircase! You've got a beautiful new home to wow us with!

  30. Oh Marty, your tree is stunning and I love all the decorations. It is a perfect tree for your home. You have really done a wonderful job decorating your new home. Thanks so much for sharing.


  31. Marty, it's all so gorgeous! I love the elegance of the gold and silver and your tree--stunning. My very favorite part is the nativity and how you used it on your table. What a lovely way to incorporate the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you for having us join your tour, have a very Merry Christmas!

  32. Your beautiful home is perfectly decorated for Christmas, Marty - just lovely! Simple and elegant, exactly what I’ve come to expect from you!

  33. So beautiful Marty, elegant and gorgeous! Christmas tree looks amazing, just perfect for your new home!
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  34. Your home is sparkling! Of course, love all of the green and gold! Thanks for hosting such a great tour, Marty! Merry Christmas!

  35. Beautiful Christmas decor Marty and you look lovely! I especially love your stair garland and the sweet nativity under the cloche. Merry Christmas! Thanks for linking up at The Creative Circle. xoxo

  36. Your home looks beautiful, Marty! You've really done a lot to your new home in the last year, & it looks wonderful!
    Warm hugs, Carol


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