Thursday, January 18, 2018

I Couldn't Wait - I Painted My New Chair

Ok you know how it is, you get something new and you just have to play.  I love my new chair, but I thought the frame was just a little too light gray for what I wanted.  This room is going to get a complete makeover little by little and my new chair is part of that makeover.  I am thrilled with the style and size of the chair, I need smaller furniture in here and this works really well.  I am going for a little more modern look for this room, so I am trying to find timeless pieces that have a "Modern Transitional" feel.

Here is the chair before I painted it. Really pretty but a lot more light gray than I want.

Since it is a painted frame and done in an antique finish, adding a little more of an antique vibe to it was just what it needed.  I got out my craft paints - 2 shades of brown & 1 charcoal gray and did some dry brushing.  I love this technique because if you don't like what you have going on you can just paint over it.   Now I think the finish is much better for my style. I wanted sort of a driftwood look.

Here it is in the room.  Love it.  I removed the wicker chair and kept the brown Louis style chair.  These are much smaller in scale and fit the room size better.  I think they will go with my more modern style sofa that is coming too.    I am going to refinish the frame on the Louis chair and reupholster it also, I just need some time. (Of course painting or replacing that console is on my list too.)

I also got some other pretty decor pieces for Christmas.  Love the new camel velvet pillow and my new table top accessories too.  The horn is a fabulous piece, it is such a great accent piece.

Isn't this a pretty concrete horse head, love it.

They are both great accessories for this room.

If you missed my post about this amazing consignment shop that I found the chair in, you can check it out here.

Now all I need is time and money, no problem - right?

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  1. I'm impressed. Not familiar with dry paint, but will look into it. Also, how did you cover the upholstery?

    1. You have so little paint on your brush when you are dry bushing that I didn't have to cover the seat upholstery at all. I just dipped my brush in a small amount of the paint, then took most of it off by brushing on a paper towel, then on the wood. Actually really easy and fast and you can control how much you put on or not.

  2. Money is all you need.... I love your chair, Marty! Your room is transitioning beautifully!

  3. I love this technique and it makes your chair so perfect for your space.

  4. That turned out great! It’s fun to have a plan/goal to work towards! Getting the scale right is a big part of all of it and it sounds like you’ve got a good plan in place!

  5. Marty, the chair looks great. The dry brushing is a wonderful method to use!

  6. I really like what you did to the chair and am excited to see how this room evolves.

  7. Love it Marty! It looks perfect with your decor.

  8. Very pretty, Marty. It looks super in your room!


  9. What a find on the chair. The new coffee table and accessories are a big hit too. I keep wondering why the bookcase in the other room is not holding the TV. Perhaps that's why you aren't satisfied with it.

  10. That looks good, Marty! I know I am going to have to get rid of some of my oversized pieces of furniture, too, when we move because I know that I will be downsizing. I already gifted my daughter with my large dining room set and she is thrilled. Can't wait to see your new sofa! xo Diana

  11. What a great job on the chair, Marty! Your home is always lovely, so classic and elegant!

  12. The chair looks terrific. The room is so lovely.