Friday, February 16, 2018

Let's Change Things Up A Little - Let's Move Furniture Around

I think we all get so used to seeing a room the way it is and can't imagine it any other way.  I know that I do.  I put furniture in one place and there it stays most of the time.  Since moving into this new home I have been trying to be more open about changing things up and spreading my wings a little.  I have also been trying to update a few things for a more contemporary look.

Now don't get me wrong.  I am really a traditionalist at heart and you all know that, but I love how modern and up to date a room can feel with just a few contemporary touches.  That could mean a piece of furniture or a few accessories.  I just think when these items are added to any space it looks more updated and "now".

I love the pieces I have in my living room.  They are all pretty special and some quite sentimental to me, so they stay the same constantly.  That doesn't mean that I can't move things around and try something new from time to time.

What if I just "Change One Thing" in my living room.  What kind of an impact would that have.
These are the furniture pieces you have seen in my living room for a very long time.  I absolutely love them all and each one has such a story to me.

 I was surprised at the difference when I brought in the coffee table from the family room.  The whole room took on a totally different vibe.  I think this particular glass and brass coffee table is a little too small for the space, but I love how airy it makes the room feel.  It's also looks good to have less wood in the room.

Well, that got the wheels turning, so what if I changed up a couple of chairs too.  This changed the whole vibe again.  I think this one needs some different chairs, but the idea works.  Maybe something a little more contemporary where the brown louis chair is.  I wonder what a tub chair would look like.  It's a thought.

After seeing all of this I keep wondering about a square tufted ottoman.  That might be interesting.

Do you change things up or are you kind of stuck like me.  What do you think, I am all ears.


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  1. Hi Marty, I just love your rooms and ideas. What about a round tufted ottoman? I recently purchased one for my living room and now I'm wondering why I waited so long!

  2. Hi Marty, I do have the same coffe table for many year
    My are from JCPenny but this year my HB giving me a lot money for Christmas
    And shop Wayfair my new table similar
    Are yours my living room is so nice nice
    I love the way your look now
    Good job 👍
    Happy Valentines Day❤️

  3. I have a similar table from Ikea. I love the idea of an oversized square ottoman! Can't wait to see what happens! laura

  4. Ooh, I do like the glass and metal coffee table. Moving a piece of furniture from one room to another can freshen things up and I like the new chair arrangement.

  5. In the first picture the thing I notice is that there are a lot of legs. Legs on the chairs and legs on all the tables. So I think a chair without the legs showing -- maybe a tub like you mentioned -- and/or a coffee table with less accent on the legs would look nice. At the moment I have a large upholstered square ottoman for my coffee table with a couple of decorative trays on the top for putting things down and it adds weight to the room which is what it needs.

  6. I love to change things up and switch out things too Marty. It is amazing what just switching out a coffee table can do for the look in the room. Love the glass table now in your pretty living room.
    Happy Valentine's Day.

  7. I like this look- the lightness of the glass and brass works really well with the rug and picks up on the big mirror. This is my kind of fun! I love moving things around and creating a new look. It make you feel like you got something new all of a sudden! Happy Valentine’s Day Marty!

  8. Love,love,love the coffe table. Perfection. What I sense you are seeking is texture. You have done a wonderful job being textural with the fabrics in your home, but what I think you have not permitted yourself to explore is the texture in your choices of furniture. Would you consider, for example, a Stick Wicker Bench. Perhaps with a French Mattress cushion? The bench is a different material than the traditional pieces you now display. The ties on the mattress cushion would be another texture. Put the bench between the DR and LR Remove the Chair place it on the long wall so it can be pulled up. In the corner, near the window maybe place a tall bushy Ficus in a woven basket so the sunlight will offer a dapples light effect during the day. Maybe a Palm (big and bushy) There is a new hip tree that is trending now but I can't think of it now. My instinct would be to avoid a square ottomon. You have the large square mirror that dominates the room.

  9. My living room is so narrow and an odd shape, so I tend to leave the furniture where it is. The accessories change often, though! Well, maybe not as often as in your house, as I do work full time....but every couple of months at least I swap out all the pillow covers, throws, and other accessories for a 'fresh' look.

  10. I am stuck as far as furniture positioning. My house is rather small so I struggle with placement. I also love "stuff". Thus I try to change up the accessories fairly often. My husband thinks I am crazy.

  11. yes, I'm pretty much stuck with things where they are. Marty, I'm a real fan of that glass and metal coffee table. I think that's the right look to go for. It could be a little bigger, but have you thought about an ottoman for the brown Louis on the left. It would take up a little visual space, but would need to be the exact same color so as not to compete just expand the visual space on the left. You're keeping in line with your traditional look, don't go off into another "style", I don't think that would be a good direction, or one you'd be happy with. it's always beautiful whatever you do!

  12. Keep the glass coffee table! Love that it's light and airy and does NOT have brown legs.
    And the lighter chair in the window area is a keeper also. Really opens things up. Nice job!

  13. Sorry I ended my note to you so abruptly, my computer is on the fritz. I wanted to let you know you seem to be such a lovely lady, in no way was it my intent to be so rude. Please forgive.

  14. I've not been a fan of glass and brass for years, Marty, but wow.... that coffee table looks so pretty in your room. I love it! And I like the thought of lightening things up with less wood and more fabric, such as a tub chair, etc. I'm sort of stuck with a couple of bad decisions right now so it's great therapy to watch your creative mind at work in real time!

  15. I LOVE the changes Marty! It certainly does look more airy and bright....I bet by now you have already made more changes!

  16. It really is so much fun to change things up, and I really like some of your changes. I think the glass-top coffee table looks great, and the cream-colored chair looks perfect next to the small wood chest. But I would probably use the leather wingback in place of the brown Louis chair.

    Hope you are enjoying these cooler days....we know they won't last long!

  17. Love the changes Marty!! Keep it up.
    Thanks. :-)