Monday, February 26, 2018

Master Closet Refresh

We don't really have winter here in the desert, so it's not like we have to switch out seasonal clothes, however I do like to purge my things and keep the closet organized each season.  Some clothing needs to be donated, some mended, some thrown away and of course I always have a few new things that have been added each season.  Soooooooo - - - keeping it organized where I can find what I want quickly is important.  I hate to be hunting all over for something and I also hate a closet that is so stuffed with clothes I don't wear that I can't find the things I do wear.

This past weekend, I took a ton of things out and took them to Goodwill.  With those things gone I was able to straighten everything up and vacuum and dust the closet really well.  It's fun to have it all put together and organized again.

This home has his and hers closets which is a real treat.  Having my own closet is a luxury I haven't had before, so this makes me feel very spoiled and pampered.

Having all these drawers in the closet is wonderful and plenty of room for all my undies, bras, socks, scarfs, leggings and tank tops.  These are the drawers that need to be purged the most frequently.  It's amazing at how you suddenly have nothing but holes in your socks.  It seems like one day everything is great and the next day they seem to be worn out and ready to be replaced.   Getting those cleaned, purged and making a list of what needs replaced is a huge job, but one that always makes me feel good.

I dusted all the shelves and made sure my purses were all clean and in good shape.

 The things on this shelf are mainly for fun, however I do wear that hat occasionally and these boxes make great gift boxes when I need one.

 I really do use this primping station every single day several times a day if I am going out.  I love that I have that fabulous black velvet jewelry box handy for some of my earrings and bracelets, also my gold watch when I want to wear it.  The mirror is perfect to see as I put my earrings on and to also check last minute details of hair and makeup.  My evening bags are always fun to look at too.

 Storage bins hold keepsake items mainly.  Some are my things, and some are hubby's and things from the kids as they grew up.  The right side of the closet has a lot of shoe storage, so I share some with hubby for shoes he doesn't wear too often.

 I took a few pair of shoes to Goodwill also.  This is all I need since I mostly wear sandals and tennis shoes.  I dress so casually all the time that I don't need a lot of heels.  I do have a couple of pairs that I save for dressy occasions, but this is the rest that I mainly wear.

All clean now and ready for another season.

Don't you love it when your closet is all clean and fresh?

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  1. Marty I am so jealous of your great walk in closet dressing area. It is so beautiful. Oh to have all that room for all your pretties is amazing.
    Happy Weekend.

  2. You have a most incredibly beautiful organized closet!!!

  3. What a timely post. I woke up thinking I need to get at my closet and get rid of some stuff that is tired and old. I have two closets that I change things in and out of due to our severe weather changes.
    I love that you have such a nice closet and your "primping station" is just perfect.

    Have a wonderful Sunday, Marty. xo Diana

  4. I am a Chanel fan as well. Loved seeing your handbags and shoes. That Hermes is a beauty too. It made me feel more confident about putting some of that out there on the blog. I also like to style my closet with shopping bags from some of my favorite haunts. I wasn't sure how it would be received but you seem like you have your priorities in line AND you like nice things. LOL. Thanks for sharing. It is always fun to get a glimpse into how other people live.

  5. What a wonderful spade for your clothing you have. I would feel like a princess to open that and have it accessorized like yours is. I too have been purging- it feels good to do it does’t it!

  6. I was just thinking that I need to get rid of a lot of things that I don't wear anymore. So this post was perfect. I don't have a walk in closet, but do have a deep one that is very long and quite wide. Thanks for all the tips.

    Have a great week Marty.


  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE this Marty!! I have a tiny walk in closet & have made it as couture as I can with my treasures from Paris. You've done such a beautiful job creating a special girly space! I am attempting to start up my blog again so please stop by if you have a moment. I'd love for you to visit! Blessings, Edie Marie

  8. I have one closet done, but I sure need to get to the other. I just don't have the room to put decor and holiday stuff! Your organization looks phenomenal.

  9. You have a most incredibly beautiful organized closet!!!

    1. Very nice job, Marty. It is so nice to have a primping station right in the closet.
      Hugs, Carol