Thursday, February 22, 2018

TV Console Makeover

Well, I know you will all think I have been hiding under a rock, but I just painted my first piece with Chalk Paint.  Now I have to say, I must have been doing something wrong because I thought it was really hard to use.  I am so use to paint just flowing on so smoothly and mine did not.  I tried several different brushes including the chip brushes that everyone said to use and I still thought it was hard.  Wow, this really fast makeover took me three days.  How in the world could that happen.

Now I always love a great before so remember this is the inexpensive tv console that I am doing a makeover too.  It is black and not really great for my room, but I am trying to do a few things on a budget, so paint was my answer. (I am testing fabric for the chair makeover and I think this one is a keeper.)

Ok, step one since it is black and some kind of fake wood.  I did a really light sanding on the piece.  Then I started painting.  I thought I would like a gray, but it looks blue in my room, so gray is not going to work at all.

Let that dry then back to the store for more paint.  This time I am using Linen White.  The white did not cover the gray very well, so I had to do a second coat.  That is finally done and now to wait a full day so I can seal it with some Satin Polyurethane.  I need for this to be easy to dust and keep clean.

In the meantime I have a fabulous look going on in the family room don't you think?  Those small work tables come in so handy all the time.  Love them.

Ok all done and the poly just needs to dry really well, then I can call this project done.

I did some really light distressing.  Not sure about this piece, but it is what it is.

After Reveal

Well I have to say I DON'T really like it.  White is too white.  I think I need something with a washed finish to it.  This piece just isn't going to make the cut.

 However I did learn that I work better with regular paint.  Chalk paint is just not my thing.  I tried styling the lower shelf two different ways.  First with greenery - - -

 then with wheat finials and I think the natural wheat is better.  I think the hunt for a different table is definitely on.  I am going to do the window shutters next, so I will leave this until then.

I think this is becoming the longest room makeover in history.  All the right pieces will come together eventually, just not right yet - and this wasn't an improvement at all.  That's ok, my daughter can use it in her new home and it will be perfect in one of her guest bedrooms with a couple of pieces she already has.

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  1. I love chalk paint, but if you are use to a smooth finish it really is not for you. Annie Sloan also makes an old white that is not a white. But I have to say in your pictures it looks great!

  2. I agree with what Penny says. Chalk paint has a different finish. Prior to adding poly you could use a dark wax to tone down the white for a weathered look. I am currently struggling to find the right things for a bathroom. A BATHROOM!

  3. i think it looks great, even if you add a little dark or distress it. it's definitely better being something lighter in that spot. great idea!

  4. I didn't think chalk paint was that easy, either. I ended up repainting the desk I tried it on. I tried the wax, too, and just didn't have the right touch with it.
    This piece looks good white, but I agree it is probably not right for this room. There are always spots for that type table. I think changing the drawer pulls to something more interesting would add some pretty "jewelry" to it.

  5. The size is good but I agree the color is not right yet. I know you will find that just-right piece in time.

  6. I have never used chalk paint but I was planning to use it for an armoire that I purchased. I'm a little disappointed that you didn't like it so I'm hoping that it would work for my armoire.

    Anyway, on to your furniture piece. In my former apartment, I had some black end tables that I got and I wanted to make over to match my living room. What I might suggest is to take 50% of whatever color is on your wall and 50% white paint and mix them together. When you paint the piece, then it will look perfect with your wall color. I did that to some end tables in the living room in my former apartment and it looked beautiful. Then I took a little gold glaze and put it on the curved pieces of my furniture. I'm not suggesting that here but I think if you just went with 50% white and 50% whatever your wall color is together and repainted the piece I think you would like it. The scale looks nice. Personally, it does it look bad in the photo but I do understand what you're talking about. Sometimes white is a little too harsh. Good luck.

  7. Perhaps the sheen of the poly is too shiny. Chalk paint and distressed furniture call for a matte finish, I think. But, yes, it's likely too white for your purposes. On another note - could you pull the chair in the corner a little forward? It doesn't seem to be part of any conversation in the room :).

  8. Hi Marty! I have tried chalk paint several times, and like you, it is not for me. I really wanted to like it, but I must not have the magic touch for it.

  9. I know what you mean. I'm not a huge chalk paint fan but will use it on the stuff that isn't really wood. I do like the piece in your space but it may look different in real life. Your room is coming together and that's what's important. Have a great day, Marty.

  10. I think if looks nice and much better than the black. It looked too heavy in black and much more cheerful in white. Maybe the knobs are a little too shiny though. Overall, I think it looks much better. Good job!

  11. Soften the white with dark wax. Add larger drawer knobs. Consider two large baskets on the shelf. The table appears top heavy with the tv on it.

  12. I can see that the table isn't the right color for that spot, but you've encouraged me to try the same thing with a black bookshelf I have. White will work in my room because the bookshelf sits in the middle of two windows that have wide white trim and then white baseboards. I am really disliking that black right now.

  13. Wow. This project turned out great! I like the desk in black, but when I saw it in white, I loved it! I had the same experience painting my first piece - a solid wood kitchen table. It took me days and much hard work. I think I should have thinned the paint. I think I'll read up more on how to do it before I attempt another one!

  14. I like the white, but know that if that is not what you had in mind for the look you want then you must find just the right piece. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  15. I love the piece. I think its probably too straight for you- I see a lot of curved pieces in your room. Loving the house though!

  16. I agree with Joyce, it seems like the style isn't right for your room. But, I know you will find the right piece.

  17. Wonder why the chalk paint was so challenging? The ones I’ve tried have gone on super smooth and easily. Hmmm. You could add a dark wax to the white to tone it down. I usually use a wax over chalk paint and you can add coats until you achieve the shade you like. It’s a cute table!

  18. I think it looks great!! Thanks for the idea. :-)