Saturday, February 24, 2018

Winter Gardening In The Desert

We seem to be on the other side of seasons from most people.  Everyone is buried in snow and frigid temps and in the desert this is our best time of year.  Temperatures in the 70's and everything growing like a week.  All of our flowers we planted in late summer have just jumped out of the ground and I am loving all the pretty color.

 When the pool was finished last year, we did some minimal planting and filled in with some annuals.  I have so enjoyed all those flowers and all the color.  These plants have just bloomed their heads off.  It's hard to imagine one tiny little petunia can get so big.

Now all the plants are just mixed together, you can't just see each tiny little plant.

 This was about 8" tall when we planted it.  It is growing like a weed and I love the verigated color

 Come spring we need to do some serious landscaping and add some basic shrubs to the mix.  Time to create a plan.

I also can't wait to swim again, I really enjoyed the pool last summer.

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  1. I am soooooooo jealous! Ahhhhh to see the pool and all your pretty flowers and plants thriving at this time of year. Enjoy!

  2. Oh! You lucky, lucky gal. We won't have anything blooming here until sometime in May!!! Your pool area is so established. It looks like it has been there for years. Love it! xo Diana

  3. Boy I sure could use a dose of this kind of beauty! It must seem strange to you to watch me through the late spring and summer get all geeked out about my flowers and here you can grow them year round! Your pool looks so inviting.

  4. Everything looks great Marty. I know you will enjoy your pool when it gets warmer.