Thursday, March 29, 2018

Move The Party Outside - Flowers & Hardscape - A Sponsored Post by Wayfair

This is a sponsored post by Wayfair, but all opinions are mine.

It is almost time to be swimming again, so I can't wait to get a little bit more landscaping done around the pool.  We have been adding tons of flowers and plants around the whole backyard.

Everything is blooming like crazy.  I can't wait for the shrubs to grow a little taller too.

However - - - -
 You know how it is, when you are trying to design something, there are so many decisions to make and without fail you don't think of everything. 

When we built the pool I was so concerned about having as much kool deck for patio space as possible.  I messed up and forgot one spot that really needed to have some of the cool deck too.

I just didn't think about this end of the pool and how it attaches to the patio.  Since the steps to get in and out of the pool are on this end, I really need some kind of walkway or landing spot when people get out of the pool.  You can't step out onto the rocks and so we put some carpet scraps there as a makeshift place to step onto.  Not pretty at all.  We need to fix this.  We thought about having them come back and add more kool deck, but that is so expensive it is NOT HAPPENING.  There has to be a decorative way to fix this problem and to make it look good.

Wayfair contacted me to see if I would like to participate in their March Move The Party Outside Campaign.  Of course I said yes.  They allowed me to choose anything I wanted to use outdoors, so I naturally thought this area was perfect to finally put together a plan and fix it up.

We needed something that we could walk on and that would look good and bring some character to this area.  I loved the idea of adding some natural wood, so when I found these fabulous Eucalyptus Enterlocking Deck Tile, I knew we could come up with a plan that would look great and solve my problem.

We had some wonderful travertine pavers left over from a previous project and using the two seemed like the perfect idea.  Now to just figure out how to lay them out in a pleasing and functional pattern.

We just started laying them out to find a pattern that we liked.

This is not the best one we can think up.

I kind of like them criss-crossed in different directions.  That looks good to me and adds more character.

Maybe laying them with a border around the walkway.  We can cut the tiles to go around the pool and fill in the odd corners.

I love the fact that water can drain between the slats of the wood tiles and that they lock together.  I also like them layed in the criss-cross direction best.

This just might work and give this area some character.  We can carry this all the way over to the wall by that end of the landscaping.  Also since we will have a wood fence around the air conditioner to camouflage it and muffle some of the noise, the wood tiles tie in beautifully.

I also picked out this outdoor bench from  Wayfair that will look fabulous on the corner next to the block wall.  That will be a great place to store floaties and pool toys.
Eden All Weather Resin Storage Bench

I love our pool and this is where I totally live all summer, so I can't wait to finish the landscaping and get the walkway done.  I am still out of commission with my back, we are trying to decide if I am having surgery or not, so for right now finishing it up is on hold, but stay tuned, it will look amazing soon.

See that area back by the pool equipment.  We will create the same pattern on the ground there to tie everything together.  There will also be a wood fence around that equipment to close it off too.  The tiles will keep that area dry so we can walk on them to access the equipment without walking in mud.

I can't thank Wayfair enough for including me in this fun March Move The Party Outside Campaign.

"This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are strictly mine."

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  1. Your outdoor pool area already looks amazing, Marty! It's hard to believe the difference a year makes. :)

  2. Those look like they would work perfectly! Hope your back feels better soon.

  3. Back issues are no fun! I can testify to that so hope you get some answers and relief soon. Let me suggest Pilates if your doc approves. Has made a huge difference for me following back surgery 10 years ago. The back pool area is looking like a summer retreat for sure.

  4. Marty, you have such good ideas that I'm sure you'll come up with a perfect solution for providing a comfortable walkway to and from the pool. Sure hope your back issues can be handled without an invasive procedure. xoxo

  5. Marty, I so hope your back issues are resolved with relief and some answers! I know whatever you decide, the pool area will be amazing. It already looks wonderful!

  6. I absolutely love the way that wood tile looks! We're in the early stages of reno-ing our backyard (we just install our new fence!) and someday I hope to have a backyard as beautiful as yours!

  7. Your backyard looks so nice. Will definitely be a great place to relax and have fun with the warmer weather around the corner.
    I have been thinking about planting some azalea around the front of my house. I just LOVE how they bloom.
    Thanks for sharing, Marty!

  8. I think everything is coming along real good... Happy Easter to you! Leticia

  9. Sorry you are having back issues, Marty, that's no fun! Wow your pool area looks amazing, look at all those beautiful flowers!!!

  10. Looking good so far Marty! I have that same storage bench except in all brown. I think you will be pleased how well it holds up. We have been through almost a year and half of full sun use and it still looks brand new. Sending wishes for your back to heal. Jane

  11. I had no clue there were tiles that look like wood. They just might be what I need to solve my yard problem. I am so sorry you are having back issues, I hope they get those solved soon. Your yard and pool look amazing.

  12. Oh Marty, I am so jealous of all your flowers and beautiful shrubs! Our weather is NOT Springlike at all, we still have a TINY bit of snow on the ground and we are supposed to be below average temps for the whole first week of April:(:( Your pool i gorgeous and I know you can't wait to get the pavers etc. all done and totally enjoy this beautiful space! I am so sorry about your back. I will keep you in my prayers. Have a happy and blessed Easter!!!!

  13. The flowers all look so pretty! I bet things grow fast there with all the warm weather you have. The pool walkway area will be challenging to get just right but it looks like you’ve got a good start. Sorry your back issue is still giving you trouble.

  14. Sorry to hear about your back. The flowers by the pool look great, but I am a little concerned about what looks like a tree in front of your window and the growing roots near the AC unit and pool. When I planted trees for shade, I got a little over enthused and planted too close to the house. Wishing you a Happy Easter. Feel better.

  15. These are what is called small patio trees and do not grow really tall and don't have invasive root systems. They are here to just provide shade for the window and the ac unit. Happy Easter.

  16. Marty- It is just so lovely. The flowers are pretty and I love the whole area. I can see why you live there all summer. Happy Easter to you- xo Diana

  17. Wow, so inviting! I would love to have a pool like that!


  18. Take care of your back, Marty, it'snot fun. Everything is looking so good around the pool. Love all the pretty flowers. Like the wooden blocks, looks good.

    Wishing you a Blessed Easter and take care of the back.


  19. Those wood tiles will look amazing, and the flowers around the pool are looking beautiful!

    So sorry you are still having issues with your back. I have back and sciatic nerve problems, too. I have an appointment at the NovaSpine Pain Institute this was recommended to me by my Oncologist at MD Anderson. If you are interested, I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

    Happy Easter, Marty!

  20. I would love to move the party outside but, outside isn't cooperating! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  21. Hi, Miss Marty you are really an inspiration, whoever is looking to decorate their home pool or anything they should read your blog posts they are amazing, I am really thankful to you that you share such tips, God bless you, thanks.