Monday, March 12, 2018

My Last Three Kitchens - So Different

I always think it is so fun to look back and see how different previous homes have been.  I've owned 13 different homes and all have been so different, really nothing at all like each other.  A perfect example of this is the last three kitchens I have had.

We moved into this home in 1994.  It was a large semi-custom home.  That means we could make a few changes on interior walls, finishes and colors.  We really enjoyed this home and had a lot of fun with our family and friends here.  I loved the big island in this kitchen and the other feature I really liked were the windows in the backsplash.  How fun to see outside and all that fabulous light that came in was amazing.  Super tall vaulted ceilings were a bonus too. This shot was taken from the familyroom.  I looked all over, but I can't find any more pictures of it.  These oak cabinets were so "in" and I loved them at the time.

Then in 2006 we decided it was time to downsize and have a smaller home and yard.  Big mistake, but live and learn.  We still like to entertain, so downsizing was not a great idea.  The kitchen in the new house this time was a real builder basic and not a good one either.  Light maple cabinets with off white laminate counters and white appliances. Plenty of cabinets and storage, just no style. Just look at that white sink and faucet, that is really bad.

As you can see, this was during my "country" phase.  We did a small mini makeover that definitely helped. We used Brie Wax to darken the cabinets, added some hardware and granite on the island.  Small changes that made a huge difference.

Then in 2015 it was time to update it to my current style.  A little farmhouse and not so country.  New paint and accessories were the only changes but that made a big difference all by itself.

Fast forward to December 17, 2016 and we moved into our current home.  This home was not new, it was 12 years old and had been a rental for many years.  The kitchen was totally builder basic and well used.

One week later we started the remodel and in 5 weeks we had this beautiful new kitchen.   Much smaller than previous kitchens, but totally my style to date.

  Isn't it amazing how our style changes throughout time.  I've been everything from ultra modern, to traditional, to country and now to transitional.  I love the style of this kitchen best, but probably the size of the first kitchen with it's big island and super tall ceilings.  There's always something to love about each one.

So have you had a few different kitchens too?

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  1. Good afternoon Marty, how lovely to choose the style of kitchen you love the most. Our tastes do change throughout the years, but at the time, the kitchen I had, was my favourite. I do love the light and bright kitchens of today and your kitchen is perfect.
    Best Wishes

  2. I don't think I ever saw pictures of your first kitchen. Isn't it interesting how our styles and lives change? I am dreading downsizing but going to have to do it. I just don't want to go too small and regret it.

    Your new place is beautiful and I did like the open concept of the first kitchen, too. xo Diana

  3. My fav is the last one. Lovely! :)

  4. Great speaks to all of us who have moved frequently and look back at our 'style' and how we have changed. Those early oak cabinets were very popular and well loved at the time. I think it is good we don't get stuck in one look. I never want to look too dated.

  5. We've lived in 6 different houses in 34 years of marriage, which equals 6 very different kitchens. Our first was tiny, with pine cabinets that went well with our Ikea pine furniture. White subway tiles and white, white counters and white appliances. It was airy and light and easy to keep clean with a nice window over the sink. Tiny but a good fit for a newly married couple with a limited budget. Next house had oak cabinets and a peninsula that opened to the dining area. I loved those cabinets. Pretty tiles and nice counters. The appliances were a beige/gold color. Not my style but they were new and came with the house. We knew this was a transition house, so we kept them. And moved 18 months later. Next house had just been renovated and the cabinets were a grey European style with oak trim. Tons of storage. I wasn't crazy about the grey but it did go well with the house. White appliances and a grey countertop. We sold for a big profit just 2 years later and bought the "big house" so we could have more kids. This kitchen was maple but had been painted white. Loved the brightness but the peninsula over looking the dining nook was hard to get used to with cabinets overhead and a built in cook top. We ended up ripping this kitchen out, right now to the studs and put in new thermo wrapped cabinets in white and new counters, wood floors, island and tons of character. This kitchen is still in place and our tenants really like it. And now to this house, where we got to design our house completely and we now have our dream kitchen. Sage green cabinets, with a cream AGA range and a couple of cream accent cabinets. A tea cupboard/butler's pantry. Black granite. Wood floors. An 8 foot island with an overhang for 4 bar stools. Huge eating nook with room for my Welsh cupboard, a table and 4 chairs and a roomy window seat that spans the full wall. My favorite kitchen to date! We plan to build twice more - our next house for just us once our kids move out and a cottage out on our favorite island on the coast. Haven't decided yet what those kitchens will look like but we have plenty of time to plan. Chy

  6. The remodel of your current kitchen looks fantastic!

  7. I live in the Seattle area, and notice that many new or remodeled kitchens in our area have a lot of grey. Seems strange to me as our climate is grey 6 months of the year anyway! Do you think this is a national, or a regional trend?

  8. We have lived in 4 houses including this one. The last one we had for almost 30 years! NOT because I wanted to stay but stuff happens. I love this kitchen the best by far!!! I really liked the first kitchen you showed us, with the high ceilings!

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  10. Your stove is beautiful, and the lighting over the island is something
    I need to change in my home.
    Looking forward to the resource update.
    first time commented, long time reader.
    Almost forgot to say. I am lusting over the artichoke platter on the center island.
    Linda C in Seattle.

  11. Love seeing all your kitchens. I love your newest open concept kitchen so much. Very bright and pretty. Have a wonderful new week.

  12. Wow you've owned 13 homes....holy smokes, Marty!! I've owned 5 and I thought that was a lot!! Plus a few rentals for a total of 9 kitchens. None have been huge, but all the ones in private houses were so much better than the ones in my NYC apartments!! Yikes those were teeny tiny, I'm amazed I put out such good meals in there! Love seeing all your kitchens, they were all beautiful in their own way.

  13. I love all your different kitchens and it's amazing how you can look at your styles through the years. We have been in our home for 5 years and we are just starting to update now and our kitchen was the first to get a makeover. It's amazing what paint can do. Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!

  14. Marty, loved seeing the kitchens and changes. Our kitchen was pretty sad when we bought the house. Then we did a minor little mini-remodel at some point that carried us through to 11 years ago when we did a down-to-the-studs remodel. Still love it!