Saturday, March 3, 2018

Our Little Powder Room

I love a pretty little powder room and how they can be really simple or a fabulous jewel box.  Mine is pretty simple.  Nothing but painted walls, some great wood floors and pretty accessories.  I think the accessories is what makes me smile every time I walk into this little space.

This little room is located at the bottom of the stairs, between the living/dining and the kitchen/family room.

 The only renovation we've done in here so far is to replace the really worn white linoleum with these fabulous wood floors.  These are the same floors we put into the kitchen, family room, breakfast area, laundry and the upstairs bathrooms.  It is a product called NuCore and 100% waterproof.   I got them from Floor & Decor.  We had the contractor put these in at the same time we did the kitchen/breakfast room/family room makeover.  I love them.

This is just a really simple little room.  The pedestal sink is to the right as you walk in.  I love that it is located in it's own little nook, kind of cozy and fun.

The toilet is straight ahead as you walk in.  The space is ample in size and I love having some wall space to decorate.

 Now this is where you can take a really plain little room and spruce it up with just a few well chosen accessories.  Nothing but white walls and yet it has a lot of charm.

Down the road I may add wallpaper or do a really pretty stencil pattern, but for now, it is just fine as a plain little gem.

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  1. That really is a nice little gem, Marty. Love the wood floors and that while it is nicely decorated it still has a simple theme and it feels spacious. Hope you have a great weekend- xo Diana

  2. How handy to have the powder room there so quest don't have to climb stairs.

  3. Your powder room is fabulous Marty. Love the new floors too. Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

  4. This is a sweet powder room. Just enough accessories to make it sparkle. xoxo

  5. I just love all of your accessories, both in the power room and the rest of your home, and the ways you are able to mix and match them all together to make a cohesive decorating style! Thank you for sharing. We have also been looking at that same flooring from Floor and Decor and are considering using it throughout our new home. Have you been happy with them? Are they wearing well? Thanks again, Marty, and have a wonderful weekend!

    1. They are wonderful. I just vacuum and then mop them and they look amazing. So easy care.

  6. Great little powder room. Nice accents too.

  7. And with elements of your beautiful signature gold too!