Saturday, March 10, 2018

Painting A Chair - Faux Wood Finish

I have been trying to figure out what to do with this chair for a while now, and then thought why not paint the frame and see if it looks any better.  I really like the color of the fabric for my room, so before I reupholster it and make any more changes, why not see about the wood frame and changing the color.  I still have a ton of changes I want to make in this room, and this chair is just one of many things.  So out came the craft paints and I got busy.

It actually turned out pretty good.  It looks like a nice medium walnut finish.

Remember this is the chair I am working with.  I am not a fan of the orangy finish on the wood.

First I painted the wood white with chalk paint.  This way I didn't have to try and sand all that carving.  I let that dry, then started with my craft paints.

I used a mix of dark brown, light gray, dark gray and a camel color.  I just painted on  a mixture of brown and gray first, then I used the other colors to dry brush layers on to get a wood look.

The gray softened the brown and the camel made it look like wood.  The final coat was clear satin poly.  I am not sure that this will be the final take on this chair, but for now the color of the fabric works and I do like the wood finish better on the frame.  So for now it stays.

I think it is a great compliment to the room, so I want to wait until I get the new recliners later on to see what I want to do with the chair.

 Much better with the darker frame.  Now I need to do something about that end table.  Maybe paint it too.

For now this will work, on to bigger and better things.

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  1. I'm impressed. Thanks for that tip about painting it white first.

  2. This is a very nice update to the chair. I never would have guessed that you had painted the frame. I thought for sure you had used a stain. Very nice.

  3. This is beautiful Marty. I love the color of the wood now with the fabric. Beautiful. Great job.
    Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend.

  4. Good paint job. I like the way it turned out. I have a chair I'd like to paint when the weather gets warmer and then I'll try to recover it. I'm very much a novice at all of it.

  5. I love that chair! I hope I can find one just like it, and, with any luck I can finish it as nice as you have finished yours.

    I noticed you have two Nonies here although I spell my name different and I am from nonies paradise. Do you want me to change something so you can tell us apart? She does spell her name different.

  6. That actually looks really good, Marty, and saved a ton of time upholstering. I am a big fan of painting wood that I am not crazy about. Looks like you did a good job of keeping the paint of the fabric, too. It fits in nicely with your other pieces. xo Diana

  7. Amazing the difference it makes. I am impressed.

  8. It looks great, Marty! What a good idea you came up with so you didn't have to sand the intricate areas of the chair. And I love the couch!

  9. It’s a never-ending process, isn’t it? One thing leads to another...looks good!