Monday, March 5, 2018

The Pantry - My Grocery Store

One of my favorite features about this house is my fabulous walk-in pantry.  It is not the biggest in the world, but at 61/2ft. deep and 51/2ft wide, it works really hard and I love it.  Mine is not a huge kitchen, but it is adequate and really does function well for me.  I have plenty of counter space and enough cupboards for all the things I use every day.   The pantry works overtime for all of my food and day to day needs.

The second storage treasure I have in this house is the space under the stairs.  The door to that area is right next to the kitchen. (You can see it in the picture above right between the kitchen and family room.)  We entertain a lot and usually for quite large crowds up to 20 or more.  So I need a lot of serving pieces and extra dishes and glassware.  Serving trays, table runners, napkins and candles are all easily at hand.   I added the hanging storage shelves to hold decorative pillow covers, and that purple plastic drawer unit use to hold my crafts paints, now it holds all my napkins and napkin rings.    This really is a special place - - - -

but the pantry works hard every single day.  I keep seeing all those wonderful pantry makeovers with pretty baskets and storage containers, but mine is more like a grocery store.  Just food lined up on the shelves.

No fancy containers, just my canned and dry goods lined up so I can see what I have.  I shop here every single day.  I cook a lot - really a lot.  We eat home most every night and we entertain at least once or twice a week.  Last week I had two groups - 9 one night and 8 the second night.  Between the pantry, my two refrigerators and freezers, I like to keep enough on hand to put any kind of meal together on a moments notice.  I also bake a lot too.  Breads, pies, cakes and cookies are happening a couple times a week.

 Canned veggies here in the pantry and frozen veggies and meats in the freezer.

Chips, cereals, cookies, potatoes, onions and a wire basket to hold all of my paper wraps and storage bags.

Since my cabinet space is limited, having all these small appliances handy is a real treat.  No bending or digging something out of the back of a cupboard, they're right here at easy reach so I use them all the time.  Same thing for all those casserole dishes and baking dishes too.  There's also a small first aid box of supplies stored here along with vitamins we take daily.

These two shallow racks hold all those small things that get lost in a basket somewhere.

Mixex, spices and extra condiments all fit nicely on these two racks and I can't imagine not having them.  I can see everything so nothing is ever hidden.

So instead of a pretty pantry, I have a "grocery store" at home and I do shop it every single day.

How about you, is yours a really pretty pantry, or more like a grocery store like mine?

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  1. Very nice, Marty! I wish my pantry was this large, but it's the typical "builder standard" size. Fortunately, my kitchen is large with lots of storage, which makes my pantry very adequate. Mine is more of a grocery store, but just having it organized makes it pretty....I think, anyway. I thought I cooked a lot, but you have me beat! It is a lot more fun to cook when you have plenty of options and a well-stocked pantry! Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Carol

  2. I have pantry envy now, it is lovely.

  3. My pantry is large but it is more like a grocery store. I jokingly call it that just like you. There's a feeling of peace and security for me to walk into that pantry and see it full of food. I don't feel the need for it to be designer looking or anything like that. Just food. :)

  4. Very nice. I wish I had a pantry like your and it is so well stocked.

  5. Your pantry is great! I now have a pantry cupboard in the kitchen. Opted for pullout drawers and so glad I did. When I first moved in a few months ago I just shoved everything in there...chaos. Last month I took everything out, got some shelf risers and baskets, and labeled each pullout drawer ...produce, soups, canned goods, baking items, etc. So far it has stayed organized. It holds a lot so it is my mini grocery. Like your under the stairs cabinet I am blessed with a large laundry room just steps from the kitchen. That holds my freezer, shelves with extra platters and entertaining items. My kitchen is not big...smaller than the last place we lived, but works perfectly for me. Thanks for all the great ideas !

  6. Mine is like a closet, really not user friendly. We may try a kitchen remodel this year and I hope to get something that works better. How do you reach things on high shelves? I’m going to do a no-mercy kitchen purge. I have cookware and plastic storage (old Tupperware) that I never use. If I haven’t put my hands on it in the past 2 years, it’s going out.

    1. The pantry ceilings are only 8 ft. high, so I can reach everything on the top shelves ok. I also have a small stool that I use for the kitchen, so I could use it in the pantry too.

  7. This is so great--I love that you have made it work for you, and those racks on the wall are brilliant! XO, Amy

  8. your pantry is amazing. it's a real workhorse and I'd take that any day over a "pretty" pantry!

  9. Our pantry is not a pretty place, but it is fully stocked at all times, so I guess I need to leave my pantry decorating hat on the shelf and simply be happy that we have a lot of food to eat. Also, mine is not as large as yours. I miss those days of a large more organized pantry. The one thing I would like though is to change out our current plain white door and replace it with a door that has some frosted glass. I think it would give the kitchen a more updated look without spending a whole lot of money.

  10. Mine is definitely a 'grocery store' like yours, although my shelves are deeper so I do use a lot of baskets/bins so I can easily pull stuff out and see what I have. The bins have little signs on them to tell me what's in them, because they are red and I can't see into them. It works! It's not nearly big enough but it sure is better than no pantry at all!

  11. Marty, Angelina's new home is totally amazing. I absolutely swoon over her spacious kitchen. What a dream!
    Thanks for hosting.

  12. Awesome Marty ! My walking closet tipe right at my utility room is like your, my little grocery store, the perfect name for it. I also go there all day long, breakfast, lunch and dinner and yes I do bake too.
    I love it that you have your baking pans there too, so it is easier to just look at them to pick the one you need.
    Congrats my friend, confort is what we need at home in closets.