Monday, April 2, 2018

This & That - Beauty & Fashion

With spring here I am in the mood to spruce me up a little.  I don't need a complete makeover, I just need to change up a few things.

Do you like to try out different beauty products from time to time.  I do and I am loving these Beauty Boxes from Target.  There is a different one each month and they always have an amazing assortment of products to try.  Several are full size and the price is unreal at only $7.  This is the last one that I got.

It comes beautifully packaged.

There are some great hair products, body wash and skin creams.  (I don't think I will be dying my hair purple, but it will be a fun gift for the teenager next door.)

I also really like the colors in this eye shadow pack.  Perfect for a soft summer look.

They also include a $3 coupon and a nice description of each product.  I think this is fun to get every month.

 I got a perm and a haircut and color, so that is all done for now, but I need to take a look at my wardrobe and not wear so much black all the time.  At Christmas I wore red a few times and it just seemed to lift my spirits and my looks too.  So for Spring I thought I would put together a basic go to outfit that I could dress up or down for any occasion.  We're pretty casual around here, so nothing too dressy, but something that can look like it is up to date.

I saw all that pretty pink on the bed and it gave me an idea.  I love this purple top, it is really flattering on and paired with my new white slacks it can look dressy if need be.  Pairing it with my rhinestone sandals it can look sort of dressy and the bright pink scarf  makes the perfect shoulder wrap if it is a little chilly.  Then if I want to be more casual, I can pair it with my black flats and a light sweater if I need something.  Ok, I think this is going to be my new go-to outfit for Spring.

I also found a couple of new additions to my wardrobe at Loft.  They are having an amazing 40% off sale on so many things.

This really cute top is only $26.70 after the discount.

This is another really cute one for $26.70 too.  Both of these will be fabulous for summer.

I think I am set for the beginning of Spring.  I can wear a ton of tops with those white slacks, so that will be my staple for sure.  My white jeans are always in the rotation too, so they will definitely stay.

How about you, do you like to create a few new looks for each season too?

This is not a sponsored post and I am not compensated in any way, I just like to share fun finds with you.

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  1. Marty I had no idea that Target had beauty boxes. What fun! I do think you could pull off any hair color, purple included. :) Thank you so very much for linking to the Spring and Easter Joys party. Have a very Happy Easter!

  2. I kind of laughed when you wrote about the BLACK. The kids tell me that they look for the person in black with white hair...and maybe a green sweater. lol
    I have never even heard of the Target boxes! What a collection of stuff. Any one of those things would be close to $7.00!! Crazy.

    I like your new outfits- have a fun spring sporting them. xo Diana

  3. Now my mind is racing!! What do I have that I can put together for a new spring outfit??? I really have not given it a thought until now but yes I need something. Love the outfit you put together how fun.

    Yes, I do need something new


  4. Love the new outfits Marty. That beauty box from Target is pretty neat. Most of that stuff would be well over $7 so that is a great box of goodies.
    Have a great Easter.

  5. Looks like a great products Marty! Love your outfit! Have a Happy Easter! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  6. I checked and these boxes are not available at out Target. Walmart has something similar I want to check into.


    1. The beauty boxes are on line so I assume you can get them anywhere.

  7. Happy Easter! Never heard of the beauty boxes...will have to check on them. Thanks for the tip. I have spruced up my Spring wardrobe with my birthday month ( March ) coupons at Loft and some great deals. Now all I need here in PA is some Spring weather!!!