Thursday, April 26, 2018

Hanging The TV Over Bedroom Dresser

  We love to watch the evening news as we fall asleep and let the timer turn the TV off.  However, if the TV sits on top of your dresser at the foot of the bed, it may not be high enough to view comfortably.

 With the TV sitting on the cable box it just was way too low to view without multiple pillows.

Then we got rid of the cable box and upgraded to the wifi system, but still the TV was a problem.  I tried to make it better by adding decorative boxes for it to sit on.  That still made it way too low.

So we decided the best thing was to hang it on the wall.  We used several large books and boxes to find out just how high it needed to be so it was at a comfortable viewing height when we were lying down in bed.  Then hubby got busy and attached all the brackets.  Now what to do with those wires.  He found a white coil system that encased the wires that worked really well.  We bought it at Fry's Electronics but I am sure it is available online too. It is JT&T Flex Guard Convoluted Tubing - 3/8"split seam - 10 ft. I think it comes in different sizes and black too.  Ours was only $3.99.

Our wires pulled together were a little off center, but I think that makes it easier to create a vignette on top of the dresser.  My decor can be on the side rather than having to have something right in the middle to hide wires.

Now to figure out a couple of vignettes that might work with my current decor. I always like flowers, so this works.

Something a little more masculine is what I think I like best.  Something tall that hides the wire and then arrange everything else around it.  I love these two grass spheres and they always look pretty next to something green.  Books are a favorite accessory too.

Having the TV at the right height above the dresser for easy viewing from the bed makes it so much nicer.  We are enjoying watching the TV now and wonder why we didn't hang it sooner.

How about you, do you have a TV in the bedroom?

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  1. Really looks nice and clever way to hide the wires.
    We do not have a TV in the bedroom, but just moved the "big" TV from the basement family room to the family room off the kitchen and hung it on the wall. Hubby was able to fish all the wires in the wall so nothing shows. Glad he does not see these posts, LOL ........ would have been waaaaaaaaaaay less work for him, LOL
    Burlington ON

  2. What a great way to hid the cords. Yes, I have a TV in the bedroom in an armoire. I don't watch the news at night before bed, but do watch tv in the evening sometimes in there. But I don't fall asleep with the tv on so, I am able to close the armoire doors before I go to sleep.

  3. What a beautiful bedroom. I like it so much :)
    You have very nice blog.
    Greetings :)

  4. This looks great Marty! We did something similar in our family room and hardly notice the cord with coil anymore.

  5. We do have a TV in the bedroom but it's in a large furniture piece with doors that can close it out of view. We don't watch much TV in the bedroom, except for a few minutes in the morning while dressing for the gym. And a late Saturday night LSU football game. Your dresser top arrangement really looks nice and no one would guess there are hidden wires on that wall.

  6. We don't have a TV in the master bedroom since generally when we are in there it is time to sleep. We do have a TV in one of our guest bedrooms, and one in our basement, as well as the main level family room. The family room TV is in an entertainment center, the basement TV is on a sofa table, and the guest bedroom TV is on a media bureau which was designed specifically for accommodating a television.

  7. You did a beautiful job disguising the cord. Your master bedroom is lovely, Marty!

  8. I have a tv in the bedroom right over the fireplace but I rarely turn it on. Sweetie likes to watch sports in there when he's at my house and he likes to put on the news in the morning. I would only use it if I was home sick in bed, then it's one of the best little luxuries no doubt!

  9. Yes, I do have the TV in the bedroom and I love it. MY dresser is tall so I don't need to hang it on the wall. I fall asleep watching TV. I am sure enjoying mine and I know your loving it also.

    Have a great weekend.


  10. That looks great. I like it on the wall better. Wiring is always a hassle to hide. You did a great job decorating and hiding the. I always fall asleep in the recliner watching the news and then go to be later. We had a tv in the bedroom at one point but never put it back after we painted it. I do miss it there though.

  11. Looks great! I love that tassel on your dresser too ;)

  12. I love watching TV in bed. But I didn't like the idea of the wires. You discovered the perfect solution.

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    I believe there are many who feel the same satisfaction as I read this article!
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