Friday, May 11, 2018

Beautiful Bedroom Blog Tour

I am thrilled to be joining the Beautiful Bedroom Blog Tour hosted by Tammy @ Pink Peppermint Design.  So many gorgeous bedrooms to see this week - did you see how beautiful Christy's bedroom is from Our Southern Home?   Everything she does is so unique and fabulous.

If you are new here, we have been in our home a little over a year now and I am still in the process of shuffling furniture around from room to room to find the right place for everything.  The master bedroom has gone through a few changes too.  I think I am finally getting the pieces that work best in here, but don't hold me to it, things might change again any day.

  Our master bedroom in this house is a really nice size room with fabulous vaulted ceilings, his and hers closets and a huge 9 ft tall window that lets in tons of light.  It is a favorite place to change out pillows and accent colors since all that light makes everything look wonderful.

  I am currently crushing on two really pretty fawn pillows that I made, so I paired them with a soft cocoa/sequin throw and two cocoa string/sequin pillows from Home Goods.

Since I have been on a kick of shuffling furniture all over the place, I traded places with the white chair and this leather chair.  It was previously in the living room, but the white chair looks so much better in there.  I love this chair and it adds a little masculine vibe to the room.

  To offset the dark headboard and the chair,  I brought back in the skirted table to lighten up the space a little.

I love to find unusual furniture pieces and redo them.  This headboard was a thrifty find from Hotel Liquidators.  You can see how some paint totally transformed it in this post.

A little distressing gave it an old world look.  I really liked the fabric on the headboard so I kept it and looked for something to coordinate for the bedskirt.

This fabric was the winner.  I love the texture and the colors go with anything.  These two have gone with so many different room makeovers for years.

There are never ending projects when you move and as you can see I still need to stain or paint my jewelry armoire.  The carpet is not what I would have chosen, but it was new when we bought the house, so it stays for now.  Down the road I would love to replace it with hardwood floors like we put in our family room/kitchen remodel.

Hubby just recently hung the TV on the wall.  You can check out the post to see how he hid the wires in some plastic tubing especially designed for this project.   I am experimenting with different vignettes to hide it.  For now I am liking this one since it is a little masculine.

The "hers" walk in closet is where I play dress up.  (His & Hers closets is such a treat)

I love having a primping station and a place to display all my bags.

Every girl needs a place to put on her jewelry and take a last look in the mirror.  You can see more of the closet here.

The bedroom in our new house is a comfortable and relaxing space that functions beautifully for us for now.  As always there are still things I would like to change.

Next on the tour is Christy @ 11 Magnolia Lane, she will definitley inspire you with her quiet elegance.  Be sure to check out all 20 Beautiful Bedrooms, each days line up is listed below.

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  1. What a gorgeous serene space. I adore the fawn pillows!

  2. Marty, I love the classic elegance you gave to your bedroom! The vaulted ceiling and that amount of light are simply amazing!! 💓

  3. Those fawn pillows are SO cute! I wish I was a better seamstress! It's so awesome that you made them!

  4. You've been there such a short time but you've already made it home! I know that there's a really long list of to-do projects when you move into a new home, but you are knocking them out right and left. I love the neutral and natural tones paired together, and what a great thrifty headboard!

  5. Your room looks wonderful. It's fun watching you change things up- one of my favorite things to do! Gosh I envy your having his and her closets!

  6. Marty your bedroom is so pretty. I am so envious of that beautiful walk in closet. That is awesome. Happy May.

  7. Such a cozy yet elegant space you have created, Marty! I actually like the feel of carpet in a bedroom - it's cozy under my bare feet in the wee hours on cold winter nights here in NY!

  8. You have done a fabulous job on the house, Marty. The bedroom is just gorgeous and I love how you have coordinated everything. Great job combining the feminine and the masculine vibes. xo Diana

  9. The fawn pillows!!!! I'm obsessed! Such a pretty bedroom Marty

  10. Marty I love your bedroom, with the traditional neutrals and a touch of glam! Your leather chair is one of my favorites in your posts and I love seeing how you use it in different rooms. If you noticed in my bedroom tour we have a wing recliner in paisley upholstery. There is another one in the opposite corner of the bedroom that wasn't ready to share yet on this tour. They are in great condition and the fabric works fine with the Ralph Lauren bedding and style of the room, but I plan to have the chairs reupholstered and tufted with leather one day like yours. Your pillows and headboard are beautiful too! Thanks so much for letting me know about the Beautiful Bedrooms Tour, it has been fun!

  11. Your bedroom tour was beautiful! Love that you created a beautiful spot for your jewelry!

  12. Your bedroom is so serene and relaxing. It is truly a refuge. And that closet. I think I have closet envy'

  13. With a little switcheroo and swapping of at home items, I think the room is looking more loved and feeling more easy to come and relax! But all these preparations make home really messy. Thanks to the new jersey cleaning services and their work is really neat and clean. I must say if anyone needs such home cleaning services, he must try them.

  14. Your closet always takes the cake Marty! Beautiful bedroom and even better closet! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!