Friday, May 11, 2018

Lamp Shades & Chandeliers - From Basic to Custom Upscale

I always think it's the details that make a room special.  The tiny little finishing touches that adds that something extra.  It's the things you see in a magazine that makes you believe everything is custom - nothing off the shelf.

You can take any lamp or chandelier from basic to upscale with just a little time and for pennies.
Finding the right shade for a lamp is so important, then dressing that shade up a bit can make all the difference in the world.

Adding Bling To Your Chandelier.  This was a small chandelier in the dining area of my last home.  A pretty chandelier with pretty carvings, but when I added the crystals, it became special.  Check out how it changed and came to life with some magnetic crystals.

A simple string of beads can make all the difference.  I wanted something a little on the elegant side of my new home, but not a crystal chandelier.  When I saw this one and it had the option of a few strings of bead, it was perfect.  Just enough bling to take it over the top.  This would be pretty plain, but the beads add that extra special touch.

Custom lampshades can be really expensive - however you can dress them up for pennies.  There are all kinds of ribbons and braids that you can find in fabric stores.  Hobby Lobby also has a nice selection.  I am partial to Greek Key design, so I love a pretty Greek Key trim.

I'm sure you have all seen this lamp base in tons of pictures.  It is a really popular shape and style.  I added a larger shade to mine and then trimmed the top and bottom of the shade with some soft cream and beige Greek Key trim.

 This takes the shade up a notch and makes the lamp look more expensive.  The shade is really pretty when the light is on too.

I took another inexpensive lamp and gave the shade it came with some Greek Key trim in a gold and white.

Chandeliers with shades can get a dramatic makeover too with some new shades and trim.   I loved this chandelier in the breakfast area of my last home, just not the shades.  I didn't want bell shaped shades or ones with a pattern.

 Trading them out for simple straight column shades made a huge difference.  This totally changed the look of the chandelier.

 I had some of the Greek Key trim left over, so I decided to add some to the top of the shade.

 This gave the chandelier a much more expensive look.  It instantly went from ordinary to chic.

Take a look at your shades and see if you can add a little bling or trim to give them an expensive custom look.

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  1. Lovely, Marty! Your home always looks so perfectly dressed!

  2. Marty,
    You have the best budget wise ideas that look fantastic! The gold and white Greek Key trim looks fabulous on both the table lamps and chandelier shades.


  3. Hi Marty! I'm always amazed when I see how you decorate so beautifully! Everything looks so pretty. Thank you so much for popping in to see me. I just haven't been blogging much but it's folks like you whom I consider a wonderful blogging friend that keeps me coming back. Blessings to you always,
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Marty - I subscribe to a lot of blogs but I find myself always scanning and opening yours first. I don't know, but for some reason you connect with me. Perhaps it is the basic, simple and common sense approach to d├ęcor/decorating within the confines of real life and real life budgets. Anyhow, thanks so much and keep on truckin' as they say. Love your blog.

    Also - have you ever tried painting the inside of a shade gold? I am very tempted to try this! Thanks. Penny

    1. Thanks so much. No I haven't painted the inside gold but I have seen several bloggers do and it looks amazing. I think the secret is the lampshade from what I remember reading. It has to be sturdy and really smooth, almost like those heavy paper shades I think. Check out pinterest, there are probably a dozen tutorials.

  5. Great ideas.

    fringe on the bottom of lampshades is another inexpensive idea.

  6. You always have the best ideas. I love how you trim out the shades!