Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Art Of The Throw - How To Use Them

I think we all know how important a decorating accessory throw pillows are.  They add color, texture and softness to our rooms.  Throws can do the same thing and also become an important part of your decor too.

You can find them in all the stores and they can range in price from reasonable to really outrageous.  It just depends on the fabric and design, whether they are embellished or plain.  Having something with a little embellishment is fun sometimes.  I have one with some sequins and one with ribbons.  I also love the ones with pretty fringe and tassels.

I dressed up an inexpensive Ikea throw with some pom poms for a more custom look too.

 I found a great tutorial for you if you would like to customize one of your throws with some tassels.
This Giant Tassel Throw is gorgeous and Bre Purposed shares a great tutorial.

Once you have a few throws then the question is how do you decorate with them so they add to the character of your room.  Here are a few ideas for you.

Need to fill up space and add interest to a room.  A ladder is a fabulous way to add interest and to showcase your trows.

Love this sofa styled with two throws from Elle.

Tucking a throw under a cushion, this is a different way to add color to a chair.

I love a pretty fur throw and they definitely add some elegance to any decor.

 They're also wonderful thrown across the foot of the bed ready to grab for nap time.

I used this throw to cover up some stains on a well worn sofa.  I just folded it in half and placed it down the middle to cover up the worn back and seats.  Throw pillows further camouflage how worn the sofa is.

 When the weather is warm you still want some cover for a nap, so that same throw works beautifully on the bed.  Just throw it casually across the foot of the bed.

That same throw can transition into the living room for a totally different look.  Again it is just casually thrown across the back and seat of the sofa.  You can rearrange the folds so they create a casual look.

No matter how you casually throw them across a bed, they always look so pretty and so inviting.  I think every bedroom needs one.

Chilly nights on the patio also calls for a throw.  I love this one that Room For Tuesday added to her patio.

Even though the weather is getting warmer, a throw is wonderful when the AC kicks on and you get a little chill.  I use them all year round.

What is your favorite way to use a throw?

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  1. The pom-poms make that striped throw!
    My husband hates throws, so we hide them in the big chest we use as a coffee table.

  2. Great ideas Marty, you are a pro at this. I love a few I will be doing, specially the chair one.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Marty, you are clearly a magician. I clicked on Taste of France's link above and loved the tour.

  4. We use our throws all year round, so they are usually kept folded on the back of the white chairs. If I fold them on the leather chairs they slip off, which is irritating! I often have one on the back of the sofa as well, usually just for color. And one on the bed for accent color. Love my throws!

    1. Oh, and one more....I keep a sherpa lined down throw folded across the stair railing by the kitchen door, to grab when I'm on my way out to the deck swing or the firepit!

  5. Great tips Marty! And thanks for the link to the tassel throw! It looks amazing!


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