Thursday, June 14, 2018

2018 Summer Home Tours - Thursday Lineup

Welcome to the 2018 Summer Home Tours - Thursday Lineup.  Six more unique and beautiful home to see today.

Thursday – June 14

Haneens Haven - Haneen's love of color is what makes her home so unique and truly "her".   You will love how she mixes color and pattern for the most amazing rooms.

Monica Wants It - Monica is transforming her new home with the most beautiful attention to detail.  Love how this wallpaper transforms her master bedroom.  

Duke Manor Farm - Laura's traditional style is always up to date and fresh.  Her sunroom just received a complete makeover and it is stunning.

My Sweet Savannah - Melaine's home is one of my favorites.  Look at the shingles and those boulder columns.  Inside is just as stunning with what I call Rustic, Contemporary Glam.

11 Magnolia Lane - Christy's ability to make every home special is a tribute to her decorating savvy.  Being a military family she has a ton of practice, but each home is always styled to perfection.

Life Love Larson - Andrea has been transforming her home one room at a time.  Love her contemporary style with a mix of boho chic.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Friday's Tours 
Fri –June 15
Thistlewood Farm - Karianne
Thrifty & Chic  - Alicia
Hymns & Verses - Doreen
Starfish Cottage - Kristy

You can also catch up on the first of the week here. 
Monday - June 11

Tuesday - June 12

Wednesday – June 13

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