Monday, June 4, 2018

Farmhouse Kitchen Table - And A Secret

Switching up our table settings is something I like to do every week.  It makes me feel like the whole room is new and fresh.  This week I thought we would go with a Farmhouse theme.  Since my adjoining kitchen can go in any direction, this works out great. 

I do have a fabulous farmhouse table to work with.  The secret is it is a special flip top table that can fold down to half the size and become a library table.  I did a post about it once here

Since my current breakfast area is hard to get the full table in a picture, I thought this one did a great job of showing the pretty twisted legs.

The top is pretty slats - - -

and it can flip in half to become a library table if needed.  This is an amazing find at a consignment store years ago.  The table and chairs are from Ethan Allen.

Ok, back to today's setting.  I love my pretty white pieces and of course my cows too.

They make a pretty farmhouse tablesetting that is fun and fresh.

Of course a few gold accessories always help any table out.

A big pot roast or fried chicken sounds like good Farmhouse food to me.  I better get cooking.

Do you switch up your table every week too? 

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  1. Oh Marty your farm table is such a pretty one, those legs are the best and it was a great find you did. The table setting is lovely, I so love your glasses with the gold bottom.
    The menu sounds delish, wish I could go and drop on you, lol..

    1. I would love to have you anytime. We would talk for hours.

  2. Love your farmhouse table setting. Did I miss the secret you talked about in the title of the post, or was the secret the way the table can become a library table?

    1. The secret is the table can become a library table.

  3. I love that table, Marty. What a find!!!!! xo Diana

  4. Love the legs on your table. What a pretty table. Can't wait to see the summer home tours.

  5. I love this classic and cozy look. Farmhouse kitchens are wonderful and really make a home xx

  6. Love your farmhouse setting. Your tablescape is so pretty Marty. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. Posts like this make me want to move out my small apartment. I would love to switch up!! You did a beautiful job!

    Have a great weekend! Melanie | Toots + Dill Blog


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