Monday, July 23, 2018

Master Bathroom Refresh - It's The Little Things

I have been wanting to redo the master bathroom every since we moved in, but it is still on the bottom of the to do list.  However a little refresh is always a good idea and makes it feel sort of new don't you think?

This is what the bathroom looked like when we moved in 1 1/2 yrs ago.  When I said builder basic I really meant it.  It's a narrow galley type floorplan.  So not easy to get good photos.

Then with some leftover flooring from the family room and some leftover granite from the kitchen remodel, we were able to give this space a huge boost.

I know I still haven't painted that vanity, but I did do a few great accessories.

Then I added an orchid and some pretty black accessories.

I love this black Le Bain set.

Now it so happens that I also have this set in white.  I have been using the white in the hall bathroom so for a little change I thought maybe it would be fun to switch them.

I love the look of the white in here for a change.

 I kept this pretty tray and my orchid, I think it makes this room.

 The white is just as elegant as the black.

 I also have the pretty apothecary jar in this white set.  Such graceful lines.

 Well, I guess I have to confess what sparked this whole switch around are these really cute charcoal and white polka dot towels that I found.  I just thought they were so fun.

I think for now I am liking them better turned to the white side. 

 I am enjoying the change, something fresh to look at and yes I am easy, it's the little things that thrill me.

Just as soon as my back heals and they let me, I am definitely going to paint this vanity.  I promise. 

So do a couple of new towels get you all excited too?

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  1. Great changes. It looks so fresh!

  2. Love the changes Marty. Looks so fresh and pretty. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Lovely. Pretty everything in the bathroom decor.
    Love the tray and the smart looking tissue box. Adorable polka dot towels, they sure make a statement!
    You have the touch dear Marty ! Pinning.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. It's all so pretty, Marty! I always swoon over your granite. Do you remember where you got the polka dotted towels?

  5. You always a great job in giving anything a great, new, fresh look. Definitely done well on this bathroom. Your accessories are so classic and pretty, the towels so fun. Just gorgeous!

    Hope you are feeling well. But take it slow!


  6. I think you made some great changes already. I like the vanity arrangement on top. That granite really pumped up the looks of the room. I hope you are feeling relief each day although I know it’s a very slow recovery process.

  7. I am right there with you, so many projects, so little time and cash. :D Obviously the new countertop is a HUGE improvement. It just looks so much richer and is a nice contrast with the cabinet and walls. I agree that the white accessories are so fresh and rich looking. Nicely appointed. LOVE. IT.

  8. Your vanity is so clean! Mine is always a mess so I never share it. I love your mirror tray and the orchid. It makes it look so romantic.

  9. The refresh is perfect Marty. It is fun to refresh and change things up, it looks so pretty!

  10. I think I have you beat, I'm pretty sure I have been working on my master bath since 2015! Ha!! At least you moved in not too long ago!! I can't wait to get mine done and yes it's so funny how something so small as a new towel can inspire a whole new face lift, I love the white! And your granite looks fantastic in there and once that vanity is painted, girl look out!:)

  11. Love the makeover. Your bathroom looks really beautiful. Thanks for sharing this post.

  12. I am loving the white in here, Marty! The Le Bain set is so chic.