Wednesday, July 25, 2018

New House - Then & 1 1/2 Year Later

You can't imagine how excited I was on 12/17/2016.  We signed the papers and got the keys to our fabulous "Builder Basic" home.  This was a home that I knew had tons of possibilities and one we could make our own with some love and a few makeovers.  Living closer to family had been such a desire, so now all my dreams were coming true.

This is what the house looked like when we walked in with our keys in hand and said this is our new home. (All the before images are from the MLS listing.)  Hard to believe how much has changed in just 1 1/2 years.

Entrance - Living - Dining - Then

Now -

Dining Area - Then

Now -

Kitchen - Breakfast Area - Then

Now -

Family Room - Then

View from kitchen - Now

Master Bedroom - Then

Master Bedroom - Now

Master Bathroom - Then

Now -

Loft - Then

Now -

Backyard - Then

Now - (view from patio)

This year & half has had so many Blessing that it is hard to count them all.  We have had so much fun turning our wonderful "Builder Basic" into a home that fits us to a tee.  We still have rooms to makeover and landscaping to do, but we are getting there.

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  1. I always love a good before and after - wow, you've gotten a lot done in a relatively short period of time. You made so many beautiful changes and I am happy you are enjoy your lovely home!

  2. Your home looks amazing Marty! I love that you have beanpole to pull it together so quickly. I am still working on ours and it has been not quite two years.

  3. Marty you took a boring builder model and made this into a cozy and beautiful AZ home. I think my favorite part of your changes was the kitchen and the pool area. So beautiful. Your wonderful decor touches have made this home so gorgeous.
    Happy Wednesday.

  4. Marty, what an amazing transformation from a builder basic to your own personal style. You have done a beautiful job in a short time!

  5. Wow, great post. Congratulations on the home you have made so beautiful.

  6. Love all the updates you've done to make this basic builder house feel like your home. I especially love your kitchen and those pulls are gorgeous. What a fabulous makeover!

  7. You have added such warmth and character to your home, Marty! What a difference!

  8. Simply beautiful, Marty. Was your backyard really gravel when you bought? Maybe it just looks that way in the photo. I am intrigued because I don't think I have ever seen that before.

    1. Yes, wall to wall gravel with nothing except a half dead lemon tree in the middle. Nothing else. This is definitely called builder basic.

  9. Stunning!!love the ideas,brilliant read.Thanks for this informative post.

  10. Your home was such a great find. I don’t think of it as a builder’s basic at all. I do love the pool that you added and the updated kitchen. I hope you are doing well with your back recovery.

  11. These before and afters are amazing. So much inspiration here! I love your color scheme and all the textures and wood tones.. just beautiful!

  12. It's all amazing! I love the kitchen makeover especially, but everything looks beautiful!