Sunday, July 8, 2018

Styling A Bar Cart For Summer

I love it when my daughter has things that don't fit her home or design anymore - (she has fabulous taste).  I benefit from these treasures all the time since I get first pick.   I've never had a bar cart, so when she decided she didn't have a home for this one, I was thrilled to see if it would work for me.  I can borrow it and then if she is having a party she can borrow it back.  Sharing gives us both tons of options.  (I love these 9ft. windows and all the fabulous sun shining in until I try to take a pic.  So please excuse, this was the best I could get.)

For summer I added a few different flavors of drinks that always refresh.  I love this drink dispenser, it is one I use all the time.  Filled with fresh lemonade it is unreal.  A couple of glasses and some napkins, plus you always need a straw.  My gold square candle holder was the perfect size to use for cocktail napkins.  Always good to think outside the box.

The bottom tray holds some different kinds of liquor in case someone wants something stronger and of course an ice bucket.  We always need plenty of ice.  (I see I forgot to get out some Vodka and Gin)

Since pictures were so hard to get, I included a couple at sunset just as guests would be arriving.

I think it's a fun addition to our dining area, don't you?

If you don't have a bar cart, here are a few ways I have created a Beverage or Bar area with trays.  You can see all the details of each one here

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  1. Love your bar cart. Brings back memories of a time when you had this set up for drinks with guests. Super nice. Hope you are doing well with your recovery.

  2. I love bar carts, and yours looks great! Cheers!

  3. You have such a lovely style Marty. Always enjoy your posts. That bar cart is perfect for the dining area, not too big or small and your styling gives it great sophistication. Love beverage holder.
    Your home is so pretty but welcoming. Nice to be able to share with your daughter. Your ideas to use trays for drinks are all classy also. Trays are usually my answer to where to put items and have them look good while being organized. We have a small home so need to be creative with decorating.
    Hope you have wonderful Sunday

  4. Love the look. You always have such style. One of my friends has been finding some great decanters at thrift shops for her cart. Be well.