Monday, August 27, 2018

A New End Table For The Girl Cave

My office had become the place where everything that didn't fit anywhere else landed.  It was getting really crowded, so something had to give.  When I did the patio makeover, I took the wicker wingback chair out of the office and used it on the patio.  It is exactly what the patio needed.  Now it freed up room in the office for a little breathing room and it looks so much better too.

  When I was in Ross the other day I saw a pair of pillows that were only $12.99 for the pair, so of course my wheels started spinning.  These could really look great on the patio.  Then when I got them home they were so perfect for the Office/Girl Cave.  With the wicker chair gone, it was time to redo the space and make it more functional.  I added a new end table and a really cute vignette also.  

I've had this little chest for a few years.  It is one of those pieces that just floats all over the house from time to time.  Now it is perfect as an end table for the leather chair in the girlcave.

I pulled out a cloche that I haven't used in a while too.  I need to remember to shop my own stash more often.

My little $15 goodwill frenchy chair wound up in the loft area and the soft turquoise is the same color as the turquoise in the pillows.  How perfect is that.  Then the pillows also have a camel color like the settee, colors made in heaven - right?

I've had leopard in here for a while, but that looks heavy for summer.

This looks so much brighter and cheerful.  Those turquoise pillows are perfect in here.

Now as I climb the stairs and round the little half wall, this is a fun and happy view.

Amazing how $12.99 can make such a difference.  (OK, I know I am easy to please, but this is so fun)

I had a fun surprise this past week.  I found myself as #73 in the Top 100 DIY Blogs to Follow.  What a thrill.  

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  1. Those pillows truly are perfection! They bring everything together beautifully.

  2. Such a nice little space. I can imagine you entertaining a couple of girlfriends up there, serving tea.

  3. Great lil space, Marty! And congrats on the honor. I've always LOVED following your blog.

  4. Looks great ! Don't you love happening on things ( at Ross, etc.) that you bring home and they are PERFECT?!?!?! Thanks for your great blog !

  5. #73 We object ! Who are those other bloggers ?
    What a cozy girl cave. How hard is it to go up and down the steps since you had surgery ?
    Wishing you well and making progress every day.

  6. You have a lovely girl cave! I like that piece for an end table. Congratulations on being in the top 100 DIY Blogs to follow!

  7. Morning Marty,
    Like your girl cave/office. Cute lil table next to your chair with a great vignette. Love the pillows
    and they are really perfect. Very cozy and inviting......and bet you really enjoy it. Hope you are
    feeling better and better every day. Oh and Congrats on being one of the 100 DIY blogs.....I certainly
    agree........such a fun lil unexpected side treat.
    Have a great week hon,

  8. Such a great space to have as your own! I wish I had a nice office space for blogging, but my office space is tucked in a corner next to the utility room downstairs, with nary a window in sight!

  9. What a deal! Love those pillows and the end table looks amazing in your "girl cave" what a great space to relax...and I would smile too!!!

  10. What a beautiful space Marty! I guess my music room is my "girl cave" with all those girlie treasures and trinkets! I love your cloche display and your pillow switch up. I love leopard pillows anytime but your switch out with turquoise for late summer is so nice.

    Congrats on the award, I have been reading for years. I love taking a Stroll Thru Life with you! Thanks for all the inpsiration!

  11. I absolutely love that you have a girl cave and I love how it turned out. So funny, because I dont see many bloggers utilizing Ross for home decor, but I can always find something good there.