Monday, August 6, 2018

All White For Summer

Since the weather is so hot I have been looking for anything that looks cool and to me all white looks cool.  Since I still can't do a lot of bending, twisting or lifting since my back surgery a month ago, I have been playing with decor around the house.  (Personal update, I start physical therapy Tuesday so I can start to more more and get back to normal.  I will be going twice a week for 6 weeks and then I should be semi-normal.  Hurrah)

 Changing up the dining table is one of my favorite places to play.

I usually tend to think every table has to have candlestick and then when I see all the beautiful tables that everyone else does, very few have candlesticks.  They use all kinds of objects as part of their centerpiece.  That got me to looking through my stash to see what I had.

I was using white goblets and my flowers were all white, so I dug out a few white accessories that I had.  I really liked how the crackle texture on the finials looked next to the iridescent stripes on the vase.  Hunt for vases with different textures or shapes to give your vignettes more interest.

This was fun for a change, now I need to see what else I can create down the road.

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  1. Beautiful table! When I saw the title of the post, I thought of years ago after Memorial Day, we would all get out our white shoes and white handbags.

  2. Very pretty Marty. I love your white goblets. And, I love that you dining area is in that little niche near the stairs. So warm and inviting.

  3. Marty, this is a very inviting table and I agree, not all tables need candlesticks. That stemware is just beautiful. I love it. Do you know how makes it? Dianne

  4. I like it, Narty. I also like candlesticks and you have always done beautiful tablescapes with or now,without, candles.
    I am glad you are ready to start PT and hope and hope that you will soon be 100%. xo Diana

  5. I love it! I agree white does have a cooling affect! Great mix of elements. So glad to know you are doing well after your back surgery and are able to start physical therapy.

  6. Your white table is really inviting. I just can't get enough white these days. Love the way the shadows are casting across the table.

  7. Beautiful Marty and you know me I love the whites. Very pretty.
    Happy New Week. Glad to hear you are starting your PT.

  8. Hi Marty! Sorry I have been so absent all summer! Life, you know? I am sorry to learn about your back surgery! OUCH! Hope and pray you are on the mend. ♥

    Love your tablescape - and the wood of your table is stunning. Hugs. Get well soon.

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