Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Let's Go Shopping - Fall Ideas

Last Saturday I met a friend and we did a little retail therapy shopping for Fall and then had lunch to catch up on the world.  Such a fun time and there was so much to see.  The stores are absolutely bursting at the seams with all kinds of decor for Fall, Halloween and even Christmas.  It is almost total overload. 

We went to Home Good first and they had their store so full and it was so crowded I had a hard time getting pictures.  They always have tons of pretty things to choose from.

 I was mainly interested in Fall because of the upcoming - -

2018 Fall Home Tour 

There were tons of pretty pumpkins.

I thought these dishes were stunning too.  These would make the most elegant table setting for any occasion especially Thanksgiving.

I love these more traditional dishes also with the pretty Turkey's.

They had tons of pretty canisters for the kitchen too.

I am sure you all know that their pillow choices are next to none.  There were so many people in the pillow aisles that I didn't get pictures of any except this one shot. 

 I really did love this one Grateful pillow too.

Their table top decor is always stunning.  Tons of gold as usual.  That's a pretty gold pineapple.

 Green is the new "IT" color.  They had tons of pretty green and I was smitten by these pretty allegator green pieces.

Their selection of Farmhouse was amazing.  I loved the scale on the second shelf.

I have been looking for a pretty basket to hold an extra throw and they had a ton of choices at fabulous prices.  I saw the exact one I was admiring on line that cost $39 and theirs was only $12.99.  Of course it came home with me.

If you are starting to think Halloween, then this would be a great place to find exactly what you need.

 You can even do really fancy skulls.

 All of these Halloween Pumpkins were amazing and so were all the witches.

How fun would it be to serve your guests on these fun dishes.

Such a fun day.  I did find a couple of treasures - a basket, vase and some pretty fall flowers.  I will show you eveything on the 
2018 Fall Home Tour.

Mark your calendars, you don't want to miss a single tour.

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  1. We in the deep south are still seeing heat indexes of over 100, so anything that helps us anticipate Fall is much needed. Just a trip to Home Goods might help. Am looking forward to the Fall Tour of Homes.

  2. Looking forward to the Fall Tour. I do love Home Goods. You never know what you will find there and if you don't get it when you see it-it is gone! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. xo Diana

  3. Marty - can't wait for the hometours and just love your fall photos from the stores. Gives you great ideas before leaving home. Sierra Trading online has some great "home" stuff. Just bought a bunch of crazy good stuff at Pier1. Also, Joann's has some GREAT stuff at GREAT prices! Just sayin.... As you can tell I haven't attended my 12 step program this week for my home d├ęcor/fall/Halloween addiction! LOL. Penny

  4. Went to Homegoods earlier in the week - they were still setting up Fall and Halloween. Enjoyed virtual shopping with you!

  5. I just love Home Goods, and we have a brand new one that just opened. I now live between two HG's...maybe ten minutes to either one. That could be dangerous! Thanks for sharing the tour, and I look forward to the home tours.

  6. How fun Marty! There was a lot of nice fall and Halloween items there!

  7. How fun! I love the Ouiji board coasters. Jane