Thursday, August 23, 2018

Star Fruit - Growing Exotic Fruit Trees

I did a post a while back of our backyard in our previous home.  We grew lots of flowers but we also grew some very different things.  I've had several people ask me about my "different" fruit tree that we grew.

 This is a picture of our Starfruit tree. Have you seen one growing? It is technically a large shrub or small tree. It loves warm weather, but can stand cold temps down to the 30's at night. Can you see the Starfruit?

Can you see them now? They look like yellow leaves the way they hide in the center of the tree. Now is the time of year when they bear tons of fruit and they ripen right away and are so yummy. If you havn't eaten one they have the texture of a watermelon and the flavor of a loquat. I personally think they taste like a cross between a watermelon and a cantelope.

You just pick them and rinse them off. They are ready to eat.

When you cut across the fruit they look like stars. I think the shape is so pretty in a fruit salad or topping ice cream. I also love to eat them just like they are as a snack. See the little seeds. There are clubs all across the country called Rare Fruit Growers where you can find out information about Starfruit and other kinds of rare fruit trees to grow, or you can grow them from seed. Cut through the fruit carefully so not to cut the tiny seeds. Wash seeds carefully and dry them. Plant them in good potting soil in a pot. They can be grown in a pot for several years. If you live in a cooler climate they can be placed in front of a window inside and when the weather warms put outside in full sun. From seed it will take about 3 to 4 yrs. to bear fruit, but in the meantime they do have pretty leaves that stay green all year long. Try one, they are such fun.

I haven't seen any in the stores, so maybe we need to plant some seeds and grow another one.

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  1. :Marty, what a beautiful tree and it’s fruit is just as pretty. I have actually eaten starfruit and it is very good!

  2. I have never tried starfruit - I will have to buy one next time I see them in my market!

  3. I have never seen a starfruit tree. Very interesting. I have loquat trees in my yard. Since your husband is the plant guy, maybe he can answer a question. Someone said you can grow trees like mango or avocado from the seeds of a grocery store fruit, but they will never produce fruit.
    Here is hoping you are improving every day. Being sedentary must make you crazy. LOL