Monday, September 17, 2018

My Small Powder Room Gets An Uptown Makeover

It seems like one change involves another change doesn't it.  It is kind of a snowball effect, just one thing after the other.  With the big mirror gone in the living room, there was a need for something on that big two story wall.  I borrowed a couple of paintings from my daughter for the time being.  That meant that I didn't need another painting on the entrance wall, so that needed to change.  After shopping the house, I decided that the mirror I had in the powder room would be perfect for the entrance table vignette. (You can see that here.) So now what about the powder room?

A fast shop at Ross and I came up with a solution for very little money.  The living room started to take on a more transitional vibe with the new art work, so maybe something a little more upscale for the bathroom.

I always like a good before, so here is what the powder room looked like before.  I love this look, it is super elegant and the mirror did reflect light in the space.  Time to shake things up a bit and go a little out of my comfort zone.

I was fascinated by this abstract New York Skyline and it had a ton of glitz.  That is a real departure for me. I love me some glitz but wasn't sure if this was way over the top.  Then for only $29.99 I thought why not give it a try, I could always return it if it was tooooooooo much.  Now I kind of love it.  It just looks like fun.   I replaced the gold tray on the back of the toilet with a marble one.   I added a horn that was a dramatic as the painting, so I thought they belonged together.  I finished the tray off with a tiny plant and a candle.

The nude etching is classic, so that had to come home with me too.  I found it at Home Goods for $29.99 also.  Seems like that was the magic number for my makeover.  

A fun new look for the powder room and it didn't break the bank.

So does one decor change in your home become a domino effect and a slide down a rabbit hole?

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  1. Thanks for sharing.I found a lot of interesting information here. A really good post, very thankful and hopeful that you will write many more posts like this one.

  2. Very modern look Marty, I like it a lot! This domino effect happens to me all the time, but I like it, because I love changes in the house. It gives me feeling of a fresh, new space. Hugs!

  3. I like the new pictures and deco for the bathroom. Yes the domino affect seems to occur every time I start something!

  4. I liked the old look better. The new look needs some wallpaper or paint to finish the look. Pull up those saved bathroom pictures again for us. They say change is good.

  5. Wowsie Marty I love this. You are the queen of chic. Those two prints made such a big difference in your powder room. It came together beautifully. I just started a new window treatment in my living room and now the domino effect has lead to new paint and other things. So I totally get the change of one thing leads to another. Beautiful powder room. Love it.

  6. Looks great Marty! I wish we still had a powder room. I made the decision to turn ours into an extra large closet that we will be building out into a mudroom. There's a full bath literally steps away from where the half bath would have been so I thought it was frivolous and I was going from having to clean 5 bathrooms at our last house to wanting to clean as few as we could get away with at the new house. Well silly me didn't think about having teen boys that would be using the main floor bath. Lesson learned. LOL.

  7. Hi Marty
    I love the round mirror. Looked good in the bathroom. It was striking. I loved the big mirror in the living room. Like the fan shaped one you posted in the pic. Good Luck and have fun in your search!😊