Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Personal Update & What's Happening Around The House

I thought this would be a good time to chat a little bit and bring everyone up to date on what is happening around here.  I am still in recovery mode from my back surgery, but I am doing really well.  I have a few restrictions, but I am having fun adding a little fall here and there all over the house.   

I found this wonderful Blessed pillow at TJMaxx.  It is such a pretty velvet with fringe and the Blessed is embroidered in a soft cream.  I have a few velvet pumpkins that I have placed around the house too.

A few of these pumpkins made their way to the coffee table.

On a personal note, I am doing really well after my back surgery.  It has been 3 months now and I have just finished my Physical Therapy.  I go for another Xray and checkup on the 17th of this month and then another one at 6 months.  I am still restricted to only lifting 10 lbs. and have instructions to not bend or twist.  That is really hard to live by.  In physical therapy they did teach me how to squat with my legs instead of bending over.  The advantage of that is my legs are in great shape.  Now if the rest of my body was that good too - - -haha.  Seriously my surgery was immensely successful.  It just takes a year for those rods and screws to fuse to the bones in my spine, so I have to not overdo it for now.  I have absolutely no pain which is a Blessing, but that's also one thing that makes it hard to remember to not do too much.  I feel so good I think I can lick the world, I just have to be patient and control myself.

On the house front, I am trying to figure out what to do with the living room now that the Big Mirror is gone.  In the mean time I have been adding a little fall here and there.

The breakfast table got a fall bouquet, wheat, faux pumpkins and faux acorns.  Since the kitchen and breakfast area are open to the family room, I wanted to keep things casual and use similar colors.

In the dining area, I changed up the bar cart for Fall and added a couple of pumpkins.  Instead of soft drinks, I thought maybe some scotch or bourbon for fall to warm the tummy up.

The living room is where I have been auditioning furniture and art work.  Once the big mirror was gone, that big two story wall behind the sofa loomed really tall.  My daughter came to the rescue by loaning me a couple of pieces of art.  They are stunning, however I am finding that they really limit me as to what colors I can use with them.  They have colors of soft cold, mint and cocoa brown.  Right now I have mostly cocoa brown on the sofa. 

 I did find a couple of old pillows in my stash that added some contrast.

I am not sure this is the right art work, the size is great, but I want to be able to use more color.  Since the colors are mint green, gold and cocoa that is on the pink side it is hard to add a variety of colors.  Orange is awful, rust is also bad, blue doesn't work however teal is ok.  Shiny gold is fine but not yellow.  Black works but then you just have more of the same as I am using with the browns.  Burgundy works, and shades of mauve also work. I am a fall person that loves all the rusts, oranges and golds, so this really has me limited.  (I do want to replace the sofa but whatever I choose will still be white, so that won't have any impact on the color of sofa pillows.)   I am also still thinking about another mirror maybe. 

 In the meantime, I did find a new coffee table and I love it.  I think it is a great update to the room, so it is a keeper.

Since I can't do a lot of physical things at the moment, I have decided it is time to exercise my brain.  I have wanted to buy a new camera for quite a while.  I want a DSLR camera, so I am looking for one.  Time to retire the point and shoot and learn some better photography skills.  I always drool over all the beautiful pictures I see all over blogland, so now is the perfect time to take on a new challenge.

The weather is beginning to cool down and the water is getting a little too cool for me in the pool.  I have loved having it all summer long.  Even though I can't actually swim at the moment, it has been where you could find me most afternoons with a glass of wine just sitting and enjoying the water and being outdoors.  The bench on this end of the pool was my favorite spot.

 I love to be outside, so if not in the pool then the patio is my favorite place to be.  Adding the curtains created wonderful shade, so it was usually really comfortable to enjoy early morning or later in the evening.

That's about all that is happening around here.  I am gearing up for the Holidays, doing a little planning and shopping.  I will be joining a couple of Holiday Tours and I will be hosting my annual Christmas Tour too.  It is always a favorite with 30 homes over 5 days that always amaze and inspire me.  Hopefully I will have a new camera before then so I can take some great pictures.  

Are you thinking about the Holidays already too?

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  1. That was a nice walk through your home and I'm glad to hear the recovery is on track! Just keep taking it easy!

  2. Hi Marty. Happy Wednesday. Gotta love TJ Maxx to find that cute pillow. Glad to hear you are doing so well with your back. Sounds like you have been doing all the right things and now your quality of life will be so much better. Patience with these things is the key. Sounds like you are taking it slow and easy. Have a great rest of the week.

  3. Glad to hear that you are doing better...I am sure you are anxious to fully heal so that you can work your wonders on the house just in time for the Holidays....Prayers for a very speedy recovery and have a wonderful week....P.S. love the idea of the curtains in the patio area!

  4. Great to know that you are doing well on the road to recovery, Marty. I am sure you are ready to be 100 percent again, but glad to know you are doing better. Those velvet pumpkins are adorable!

  5. Marty, I'm glad you are healing!!

  6. Sending Healing energy your way.. Everything looks lovely.

  7. Marty, so glad your surgery went well and you are pain free! I also hope you find the right piece for your giant wall... I have a big long wall in my living room that is the bane of my existence (not to be too dramatic) 😂 so I feel your pain on that front ... love the new coffee table!

  8. Marty, I'm SO glad to hear you're doing well! You've come a looong way decorating you home in such a short time since the move. Take it easy right now and let your body heal! I love what you've done so far, it says home and it's so warm and inviting.

  9. Marty,
    Thanks for sharing your back surgery recovery progress. I am glad to hear the surgery was a success... no more pain! Your photos have always been so good I never realized you were using a point-and-shoot camera instead of a DSLR.

    I always look forward to your holiday home tours because you have such a nice mix of styles in the homes.

    Happy Fall,


  10. Hi! I saw your pillow and just had to say-- I recently got a similar one "be thankful" from Marshalls. I'll post about it soon...