Saturday, December 29, 2018

A Wedding & Vacation - What To Wear?

Getting ready for a special event and vacation always takes a little planning.  Reservations, itinerary and packing.  

We have family that lives in Las Vegas and one of our sons is going to be married there on January 5th.  We are so excited to see all the family and meet the bride.  They met through his work and travels - she lives in the Philippines.  She has moved here and they will be living in Los Angeles permanently after the wedding, so we can't wait to meet her and her family.

Of course that always leads to the big question WHAT TO WEAR?

I will need an outfit for lunch when we meet her and her family, then one for the rehearsal dinner, and one for the wedding.  We will be staying after the wedding for a few days to just relax, so I need to figure out that wardrobe too.

For Lunch and Meet The Family 

Black slacks, black turtleneck and white pinstripe shirt jacket.

I love this shirt, it is fitted and easily doubles as a jacket  The pintucks are an interesting detail on the front.  

Rehearsal Dinner

Black/Beige silk shirt, black turtleneck, black short skirt and leopard flats.  This shirt jacket is fitted also, so it looks a little dressy and the fabric is stunning. (I could also pair this with black slacks if I change my mind.)


My favorite Little Black Dress.  The jacket is a soft golden beige cut leather.  This jacket is gorgeous and definitely makes a statement.  I will team it  with a long strand of pearls.

I will wear these black sequin evening shoes and carry a black sequin bag.

After the wedding we will stay in Vegas for a couple of days to sight see and relax.  I did find a really fun new tunic shirt that I will pair with black leggings.
This is a nice and long shirt and the stripes are slimming.  If the weather is chilly I can layer a tee under it for warmth.  A pair of jeans and a few tees and I think I will be good.  Of course I am taking my Sketchers so I can do a ton of walking. 

The weather is supposed to be in the high 60's, so I think a light jacket or sweater is all I will need.  Last year I got a gorgeous black cashmere cardigan for Christmas, so that will be my jacket of choice.  (Now the weather forcast keeps changing, so I need to make some other choices.)

Coats I am thinking about 

Just to be on the safe side, I think I need to take a full length coat.  My favorite ever is this wonderful leather coat with fox trim.  It looks dressy but never too dressy, so I think it will definitely be one I will take with me. 

I love this short red leather jacket, it is such a fun piece.  Maybe I will take this one, not sure.

On second thought, this leather with knit sleeves is a little longer and works well over longer sweaters and tees, so if I take this one and a simple black cashmere cardigan I think that will cover all the bases for weather and whatever occasion or event after the wedding.

So with black slacks, dark jeans, leggings and several tees and a couple of different shirts, I think that is about all I will need for our vacation after the wedding.  I can fit all of that in one suitcase and a garment bag.  Since we are driving that will be easy enough to lug around.

I will share pictures when we get back.  

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  1. Great choices, Marty, classy and elegant, exactly what I would expect from you! Have a fantastic time!!

  2. Beautiful wardrobe, Marty! Enjoy your vacay and best wishes to your son and bride to be. Is she a Filipina? How exciting!....Christine

  3. I always love your what to wear posts. I'm a big believer in black basics with jackets, sweaters, and shirts. Looks like you've made great choices. Now, have lots of fun and enjoy the wedding!

  4. You have wonderful wardrobe choices for the upcoming wedding. How exciting for you to have a new daughter in law entering the family.

  5. Marty,
    Have a wonderful time at your son's wedding and following vacation. Your clothes look beaiutiful.


  6. Great choices for your happy event. And driving distance is a plus. I would like to add seeing the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor on your list of things to do in LV. It is amazing and you won't regret it. Order your tics online and pick the time frame that works best for you. No waiting. It's hard to explain but you find yourself whispering or talking very low while going through the leaves a deep impression. Enjoy and Congratulations.

  7. You have beautiful taste in clothes Enjoy!

  8. Love your wardrobe choices! My sister-in-law is Filipino and I just love her to pieces. You will find that the Filipino people are absolutely wonderful. Have a fabulous trip!