Monday, December 17, 2018

Fraud Charges On Credit Card & Checking - Computer Fried - What A Week

It was just one of those weeks.  I got a text from my credit card company asking me if I made a couple of big charges - $529 & $273 - I answered no.  Then I got a call from their fraud division and found out that someone had used my card # to buy some furniture and electronics.  They said no problem, they would take these charges off , cancel my card and send me a new one.  Great, so glad they contacted me.
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Then 2 days later I get an email from my bank, asking me about 3 charges using my debit card.  Nope, not me either.  Super, they will decline those and cancel my debit card and send me a new one.  Obviously I have been hacked somehow.  I immediately looked up all the rest of my accounts to make sure they were all ok.  So for so good.

Now I don't usually carry a lot of cash with me, but when you don't have a credit card or debit card that you can use, it is amazing how much money you need to carry around, especially for Christmas shopping.  I have made more trips to the bank in the last week than I have in the past year. haha.  I am now on a first name basis with all the tellers.

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I thought life was running pretty smooth.  Then Thursday I had a message on my computer that Dell had some updates.  Did I want to update now or later.  I clicked now.  Nothing seemed to be happening, so I continued on with my work.  I thought maybe I should restart my computer to see if the updates had been done.  When I clicked on restart my computer would shut off and immediately come back on, then shut off and come back on.  It was in a loop, I could shut it down or turn it back on.  I called Dell and they said oops, something went wrong and they were sorry, the updates turned my computer into a brick. They were so sorry, however they would send me a box for me to put my computer in and mail back to them, then they would repair it and return to me in approx. 15 days.  No charge.  

Ok, that is all good and well, however what do I do in the meantime?  For a couple of days I thought about just using my Ipad.  That was not really what I need on a day to day basis.  I could borrow hubby's computer a little bit each day, however he uses his full time, so I can't tie his up.  

We had thought about buying a laptop for both of us to use if we were traveling or for him to use when he did some of his seminars.  Not exactly what we had planned for right now, but it seemed like what we should do.  So off to Fry's eEectronics to see what they had.  We found a guaranteed refurbished one that fit our criteria.  Brought it home and it was defective.  The colors were all messed up.  People were purple one minute, green the next or maybe even bright yellow.  We tried adjusting all the colors and nothing worked.  Back to the store and they agreed it was defective, so they gave us a refund.  They were sold out of everything else unless we wanted to increase our budget by $500 to $800.

That didn't seem like that would work for us, so we started looking online.  Finally found one that is what we want and it is supposed to be on it's way.  Hopefully this one will work and I will be back in business.

Life seemed great until I tried to look at my emails on my Iphone.  It said it could not
get mail because I had the wrong password. I haven't changed my password, so not sure how this happens.  Now I am tryng to straighten this mess out.  

I think maybe I will just go back to bed and see if I wake up and this is all a bad dream.

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  1. Oh Miss Marty I am so sorry that happened to you. It has happened to me three times now in a two year period. THe last time was while I was in France. Let me tell you my dream trip quickly became a nightmare when my one and only credit card was shut down while I was traveling alone in a foreign country. There is a maximum withdrawl rate of $100 a day at many French banks with HUGE fees. Bah humbug! Coal for all the crooks!

    1. Oh my word. At least I am at hone and can go to the bank. I keep wondering what will go wrong next.

  2. We have Macs now, but used to have Dells. Never heard of them calling US to do updates. I don't mean to sound paranoid, but are you sure it was Dell?? Have you called Dell with a phone number you can verify (not the one that came into you via their request to update) and ask them to look at your history to see if they received your computer, and the address was actually theirs. I think I would just do that to be certain. We have been hacked, too, about 10 years ago. It is a horrible feeling. I don't like to pay at restaurants with a credit or debit card, because they take it away from the table and I worry about what they are doing with access to the number, extra 4 digit #, and other info tand I can't see them!! When it happens, you certainly become more aware, AND more suspicious!! Good luck. Hope all is well now.

    1. Sorry, Dell didn't call us, I had a pop up on my computer about the updates, Dell never called me. I called them after my computer wouldn't start or shut down and that is when they told me it was their fault so they would fix my computer. Yes, I am sure I was talking to Dell. Anyway they have sent the box for me to ship my computer to them in and I have verified it is their repair center, so nothing fishy there. Just weird that their update had a glitch that fried my computer.

  3. Better put a freeze on your credit reports! Your info has been sold on the dark web, I fear.

  4. My worst nightmare! Here's hoping your troubles are behind you now. I just read Laura's comment above, and I guess THAT could be the very worst nightmare.

  5. Oh my gosh Marty how scary and frustrating. I am so glad the fraud departments at our banks and credit cards are more on top of suspicious charges and call right away. I had this happen to me one time and it all got straightened out but what a headache. I hope the new computer you get will work better for you.

  6. yes marty, one big nightmare. oh no. they say things come in threes...maybe it's really true. hang in there.

  7. Oh no Marty. So sorry this is happening to you and around the holidays. I hope it all works out as smoothly as possible. Hang in there and happy holidays!

  8. Marty, I hope this is the end of bad things happening in your home. Enough is enough! xoxo

  9. Marty, How terrible to go through all this, and then the computer on top of everything. Whoever thought years ago we'd have to worry about credit card fraud and someone stealing our identify? I hope this is it and things return to normal for you sooner, rather than later!

  10. So sorry about your bad week. Must be in the air. I had to run a couple of errands including Wally World. Got out of my vehicle and just stood there as an older woman backed her Caddy out of the space behind me and went "She is going to back into me" And she did. I am waving at her and motioning You hit me. She got out, could not hear and had no idea she hit me. She said I am having the worst day ! Me too. You hit me. She was so out of it she wouldn't know if she hit a person. I feel your pain Marty.