Thursday, January 24, 2019

Easy DIY Art Project

If you have been following along, then you know that I have been using borrowed art over the console in my entrance.  This art belongs to my daughter and now that Christmas is over I would love to give it back to her so she can put it back in her stairwell.  There are two paintings and they are stunning, but I need to find something that I can live with and works in my room. 

I couldn't find anything that I liked with the right colors, subject matter and size.  I needed Art that would hang vertically, so that was one limitation. It also needed to be at least 36" wide.   Second - I wanted it to be an abstract with soft warm colors.  Nothing bright or with blues, pinks, red or green.  That proved to be really challenging.  A lot of abstract art has very bright colors. Third problem was price.  I really didn't have the budget for a piece that would cost me several hundred dollars.

 I finally found a painting that I thought I could revamp with a little bit of  DIY.
  Right dimensions and style.  The colors were a little off, but maybe I could change those up.

This is the gorgeous art that I have been borrowing.  Chocolate brown, beige, gold and cream.  Stunning.  This painting measures 36 x 36 and fits really well with my console.

I found this pretty piece of art at #HomeGoods on sale for $69.00.  It measures 36 x 48.  Since it is on a two story wall, the added height is just fine.   It helps to make more of a statement on the wall.

Art is really hard for me, but I like this one.  I love that it is framed and I like the colors except for the blue -  I think that just sticks out like a sore thumb.  This piece of art is mostly browns, camel, cream, gold and black.   Hubby likes this one too, so I think with a little bit of DIY I can change it up to fit what I need. 

I have a whole collection of different craft paints, so I put some of a bunch of browns, gray, black and camel on a paper plate and just started dabbing and streaking with a couple of small brushes.  I was careful to cover the blue with a mix of colors that coordinated with the rest of the painting.  As I covered the blue I also streaked in more white and camel to tone down so much dark brown.  

Ta-Da, my beautiful finished DIY Art.  This works so much better in my room.

I think this turned out just fine and I really like it a lot better than with the blue.  This turned out to be a really easy DIY project.  I was just careful to not add too much color at once and to keep the original composition of the art.

I think it really makes a difference how the art looks from different angles in a room and the time of day.  More light or less.

Looking through the living room mirror with very little sunlight. 

Standing in the front window and with bright sunlight.  It works for me in every light, so that makes it a keeper in my book. 

This room is coming together one piece at a time, and my DIY Art project is one more piece to the puzzle. 

So what do you think?  For an inexpensive painting that is 36" x 48" and framed, I think it turned out really well.  Comparable sizes that I found usually ran at least $150 and up.  My advise, if you find something that almost works, just add a little DIY and make it exactly what you want.

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  1. Nice Job, not a huge change but just enough to give it a richer look.
    Size is great too.

  2. Thanks for this great idea! Yours turned out great.

  3. Marty,
    C`est Magnifique!
    An amazing success of your DYI artwork!
    Love the size in your space!
    The hues definitely blend harmoniously with your decor.

  4. Well aren’t you the talented one!! Looks fabulous and I’m impressed that you could modify it like that. I’d never have the guts!

  5. I've thought often of doing this same thing! Great job.

  6. You are a genius! But we know that!! I never would have had the guts to try this. It's perfect!!!

  7. OMG Marty what a great difference. So pretty. You go girl!

  8. Well that is a neat idea. I have to say I kind of liked the small hints of blue though. I could just imagine a Spring vignette with a little robins egg blue thrown in. I also like your finished product as well & that one is probably more you. I also like neutrals but as I am getting older I like to experiment with some colors that in the past I would have passed on

  9. You did a great job making it yours!

  10. A very clever idea! And it turned out beautifully!

  11. It turned out great Marty! I love how you had the vision to make into exactly what you envisioned and that our posts tied in perfectly today. xo