Saturday, January 26, 2019

Random Shots Walking Around The House

I am still trying to learn how to use my newish camera.  I don't shoot in auto anymore, but shooting in manual is still a bit confusing.  I like to take time whenever I can to watch another video tutorial from the web and then practice what I just saw with lots of different settings.  Sometimes these shots come out really good and others not so much.  I want to be able to take a great picture that only needs minimal editing.  I am sure this is a lifetime learning experience.  

Here is what I shot today.

Taking a wide angle shot from the top of the stairs without getting curves is all about the settings and the focus.  This one turned out pretty good.  At least everything is in focus.

This is trying to take a shot through the doorway of the Guest Room with just my regular lens.  This one focused on the bed.

This one I took of the room at Christmas is so much better.  If I back up in the doorway just a little I get so much more of the room and a better picture of the space all around.  Also taking a vertical shot instead of a horizontal one makes a big difference.

We have a galley style master bathroom.  The toilet and shower are in a separate room.  Standing in the doorway of that room this is what I see.  I always love this view.
Trying to take a picture of a room without any natural light at all is really difficult.  There is usually a ton of glare.  This one turned out pretty good by adjusting my settings.
Our landing upstair is really large, but it is still really hard to photograph.  This is my view from the doorway of the master bedroom.
If I step back just a couple of feet into the doorway, then you can see the landing and the loft area too.  (You guys don't see this view too often.  This is filled with all my leftover things that didn't have a home and things that I'm not ready to part with yet)
I though the mink throw on the bed looked so pretty, so I took a picture.
I changed lens and took another one trying to blur out the background for a little different shot.  I really want to learn how to take more picture like this, so I am constantly practicing.

That was a fun couple of hours today, now I need to get real and do the laundry and also a little cleaning.  I can't play all day even if I want to.  

How about you, are you really good with your camera or are you learning too.  I know some of you are absolute experts, but not me.  I am definitely on the bottom of the learning curve. 

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  1. I am NOT good with my camera. I don't know anything abut settings etc. I really would like to learn more. Love that mink throw! I have tried and tried to CASUALLY put the throw on our bed and it never looks right to me:(

  2. Love seeing your home always Marty. Have a great weekend.