Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Two Different Dining Room Tablescapes - Company's Coming

After the upstairs was clean and all the Christmas put away, it was  time to start downstairs.  First up was to thoroughly clean.  Our big tree left me with tons of pine needles to clean up.  Time to get this room back in shape.  Then things took a really weird turn.  As I walked outside to get the newspaper and plan out my day of taking the tree down and putting all the decorations away, I saw water running out of the garage and down the driveway.  Back inside I discovered it was the water heater. It died.  Hubby called our warranty service and they said a plumber would call us back.  When the plumber called back, he said he would be out the next morning before noon with a new water heater.

Super, a new water heater is definitely what we need.  Only problem is I had been sorting, purging and rearranging all those totes for Christmas Decor in the garage and you couldn't get to the water heater to take it out since I had the whole space blocked.  So move everything and pile it somewhere else so he could replace the water heater.

Now all of this story to explain to you why we have two different table setting.  All those totes got piled in front of my shelves that hold all of my decor stuff.  Hubby started a campaign to rearrange tons of things in the garage after the new water heater was installed and since we really need that done, I am trying to work with what I can get to to put the house back together.

Table #1

If you follow along you guys know that I turned the space under our stairs into my "dish room".  I have space in there for candles, deccorative pillows and a few accessories too,- - - - 
(I keep all my pillow covers in one of those closet hanging shelf systems, works perfect.  Don't judge the mess, obviously I just crammed a ton of things in here as I was decorating for Christmas.)

so I pulled a few things out to set the table.

 I love these wheat stalks, they look so pretty and I love this wicker vase, so I chose that as the centerpiece.

I love to mix napkins together for interest.  I chose a simple place setting with my gold chargers and gold flatware.

 I am on a kick of less is more, so I used a couple of candlesticks and one pillar candle.

 Super simple and I called it done.

Table #2
I swapped out the centerpiece and glasses, but kept everything else.  I found a bouquet and I had these candlesticks in the breakfast room, so I changed things up a bit.

 This looks a little more traditional

If you stager the two candlesticks to the sides a little, then you can see between them to see the person seated across from you.

Now I can use the wheat bouquet somewhere else. 

I put it on the entrance table.

These tables may not win any design awards, but it is amazing at how little it takes to change things up.  This was definitely using what you have at hand and easy to reach.  Good for now.


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  1. Love the two different kind of tables. The wheat stalk and flowers in the middle with the change of candle stands looks good.Yes we can play around with the things that we have with us. Happy New Year to you dear Marty. Love Sujatha:)

  2. I love the cane candle holder/vase. It is such a classic design, Marty! Happy New Year!

  3. I love both of these Marty but the second one is my fave. I love the tall candle holders and the floral arrangement. I love that organized space you made under the stairs for storage. Genius.

  4. Loving the wicker candle holder. Love the idea you chose for your pillow covers


  5. Both gorgeous tablescapes, Marty....and I'm incredibly envious of your 'dish room!'

  6. Both look beautiful, Marty! Going to go link up now!

  7. Both of these tables in the 'less is more' department are very pleasing to my eye, Marty. What I am really fascinated by is your under stairway storage! That's pretty amazing, and I love the pillow cover system.

  8. Marty,
    Cosmopolitan Chic and Traditional . . .both look amazing!
    You have an amazing storage system for all your decor needs.