Sunday, March 3, 2019

Install Wide Baseboard Molding Over Existing Narrow Molding

It always amazes me as to why one thing gets pinned thousands of times and others are rarely pinned.  I have two posts that are continually pinned day after day.  This one showing how to
 Install Wide Baseboard Molding Over Existing Narrow Molding is pinned approximately 3500 times a month for years.  It is still one of my most popular posts of all times.

With so many room makeovers going on, I see that it is being pinned more often than usual, so time to share my complete post and review again.

When I showed you guys my inspiration ideas for redoing the hall bathroom, I showed you this new molding idea.  It is a composite wide molding that is sculpted to fit right over your narrow molding without having to remove it.  You all asked for a review when I got it.  

Well, I have to say this is totally amazing stuff.  I ordered it from Lowe's and it came in today.  One fast cut to get the right length and it was done.  How easy is that.  

Here is a picture to show you how it fits over my baseboard.  My existing baseboard is really narrow, not anywhere near as wide as the sample the manufacturer shows.  It does fit right over the top beautifully. 

 This shows how it fits next to the door frame.  I think this is a genius product.

 All I had to do was measure the length, make one cut, unscrew the door stop, push in place and nail with my electric nail gun.

 What an amazing upgrade.  It looks fabulous. (That's the chair rail and new towel bars in the tub - it's a construction zone here)

Now all I have to do is install the chair rail and caulk both then the wall will be ready for paint.

Here is the information from Lowe's web site. and the link to order some for yourself if you want.  I will definitely be ordering more.  (This is not a sponsored post, I just like to pass along things I find and think you might like too.)

Since it is no longer available at Lowe's, . - I did a google and found it on Amazon. Here is the link - -

RapidFit 5.25-in x 8-ft Interior Pine Mdf Baseboard - $21.60

5.25-in x 8-ft Interior Pine Mdf Baseboard
  • Installs over existing trim
  • Covers existing base up to 9/16-in thick and 3-1/2-in wide
  • Eliminates removal and disposal of existing trim
  • Primed and ready to paint
  • Made from eco-friendly wood composite (MDF)
  • Install RapidFit base blocks to eliminate miters and enhance your trim project
  • Use RapidFit transition blocks when upgrading base only to create a seamless transition between RapidFit base and existing casing
  • RapidFit spacers cover bases thinner than 9/16-in thick
  • RapidFit is available exclusively at Lowe-fts 

We also got the chair rail up.  Now when the liquid nails dries, I will caulk and then we will be ready to paint.  Can't wait.  This room didn't get painted for the last makeover, so it really needs it.  

(Did you notice how high the builder put the towel bar.  That is going to be lowered for sure when I install the new one.)
So what do you think, is this something you might want to try too?

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  1. This is such a genius hack, Marty! I can see why it gets pinned thousands of times. Great work!

  2. That is such great stuff, Marty. I hope lots of people see it. Wider molding really makes a big different in how "rich" a home looks, doesn't it? Have a great Wednesday. xo Diana

  3. Hi Marty,
    I have always loved the wider moldings. This is so easy and just a great post to share. Have a great rest of the week.

  4. This a fantastic post. Wish this was around 25 years ago when my husband changed our moldings in our first home.

    Enjoy the rest of your day


  5. What a great product, Marty!!! I don't know that I'm looking to redo my baseboards but what I do what to re-do are my baseboard heaters - they are so beat up at this point from years of service! Plus, when the construction was done downstairs years ago, the crew seems to have brought one of the covers to the dump with the rest of the debris!!

  6. It looks like an awesome product, but when I copied the above link, the Lowe's website states that it's no longer available on

    1. I did a google and found it on Amazon. Here is the link - -

  7. Glad to see it's primed and ready to paint. When I bought an MDF large initial to put in a wreath, it wasn't primed and I couldn't paint it. I used gesso as a primer. My neighbor bought long lengths and used it as a border to hold in mulch around his daughter's playhouse. This is a really durable product if anyone hasn't seen it before.

  8. this looks like a really good product for a home DIY-er like myself. thanks for sharing it!