Monday, February 11, 2019

My 2019 House Goals & Real Life

I don't always share my goals for the year on the blog, but I do try to set a few for me and my home each year.  It seems like some of them happen and others not - usually because life gets in the way. 

There were a few things on my 2018 Goals & Budget that didn't happen or got partially done.

The backyard was a major item on my to do list for 2018  We did plant a ton more around the pool and it went from this - - -

to this - - -

The Patio was such a disaster - it was virtually a dumping ground for everything and not usable.

 So it got a good clean up and Thrifty Patio Makeover. Those curtains hide some tools and the neighbors house and create a really great room that we have really enjoyed.

However this side of the back yard next to the pool was on the list all year - -

With the patio cleaned up, this side finally got cleaned up in late fall.  I was hoping to have raised planters built all the way around this part of the yard for hubby's plants, but budget didn't allow for that to happen.

Both upstairs bathrooms need a complete gut job, but I was at least hoping for a mini makeover.  We did get the new counter and sink done when we did the Kitchen remodel.  The Vanity needs to be painted in the worst way.

and the Hall Bathroom needs the vanity painted and mirror replaced until we can gut this one too.

There were a few other updates that we had on our list, but those didn't happen either.  Life gets in the way sometimes and you just have to regroup.  I had to have major back surgery in June, so not only did that take a deep cut into the budget, but I still have doctors orders to curtail bending, twisting and lifting until those rods and screws they put in my back fuse to my bones.  (The doctor says it takes a year)

Hubby also had some minor surgery that set him back for about a month.

Our budget got completely out of whack with these setbacks and then we had a fabulous surprise when our son decided to marry his special lady.  That was another bite out of the budget too.  Throw in a few things like a couple truck repairs,  the water heater going out and the holidays and we don't even have a budget anymore.

So the Goals For 2019 - No major Rehabs - Makeovers.  SAVING - SAVING - SAVING IS THE GOAL and NO SPEND projects.

This is going to be one of those years when you regroup - fill up the PIGGY BANK and then decide on your next major projects.

We also have a couple of out of town trips planned for Family Graduations and Weddings, so I am setting aside money for that too.

I do shop the grocery sales regularly and try to take advantage of not only the sales, but coupons that are for things we actually use.  (don't use a coupon if you don't really use the item, it is a waste of money)  I have a large enough pantry that I can also save even more by buying bulk on special sales.  The second fridge in the garage has a good size freezer too, so I can take advantage of that space to buy those frozen items in bulk too.  This really can be a great money saver.

Paint is super cheap so I do hope to get both bathroom vanities painted. This can be an almost free mini-makeover until we can do a gut job.  I think I want something dark for both vanities, I just have to decide if I want to paint them black or use gel stain.

Black is really pretty - - -

But I think the Gel Stain is a lot richer.  So I need to decide.

 I have a lot of fabric that is set aside for pillows, so the sewing machine is going to be busy too.

My thrift store Louis Chair in the family room needs to be recovered and I do have some fabric that will work, so that is a freebie that can happen too.  This is a big job but I have nothing but time, so I need to get this one done.

We have some travetine tile that we want to use in the backyard to create an area for the fire pit table and chairs, so that is on the list and "free".  This will be the year to use up the supplies we have and get those unfinished jobs done.

On a personal note - another item on my list is to lose a few lbs.  I really would like to take off about 20 lbs.  I really am going to work on this one. (I caught some kind of stomach bug and was down for the count for two days, I couldn't keep anything down, so not the way I wanted to start my diet, but I am down 6 lbs.)

I enjoy a year where you have to use your creativity instead of money, so this year should be fun and a challenge.

How about you, do you have to regroup every once in a while and do a no-spend year?

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  1. Hi, Marty, I understand only too well how a back surgery puts a big kink in the plans. And it really does take a year+ for the bones to fuse. Now,I’m facing a sinus surgery. Ugh! I started following you a few months ago. I’m sticking with the lady bloggers closer to my own age. Your websites resonant more with me. My kids are grown but I do have my daughter and family living with us so I have little ones in the house. I’m looking forward to reading ur blog this year as I’m in the almost same situation with finances.

  2. Good morning!! I love reading your blog and following along with your projects!

    We are building a new home this year, woo hoo!!! Buying a lot of new furniture but not everything. I'd like to gel stain a couple of pieces that I already own, and I know you have used it.

    Brand name?? Color?? Can you link me to a post to read how you did it??

    THANKS for everything, you are wonderful.

    Ramona - Burlington ON Canada ( City to change soon - hope you will remember it is still me, LOL)

  3. Yes, I love the Gel stain. Here is my link when I redid our hall bathroom in the previous home.

  4. I started laughing when you talked about the set backs, not your surgery. I've been there and done that with back surgery.

    What got me laughing was the unexpected things. We had our complete bathroom remodel scheduled for mid August. We actually had to move out because we only have one bathroom. Two weeks before the remodel was to begin we came home from visiting our daughter and family out of town and found that our refrigerator had died. The day the remodel began on the bathroom, our water heater went out and as soon as we were back into the house, our washing machine died.

    As Gilda Radner playing Rosanne Rosannadanna on SNL used to say, "it just goes to show you, it's always something!"

  5. Marty - I so enjoyed this post, and admire your spunky spirit in your approach to life's challenges! I hope your back surgery went well, and that you are healthy when you completely heal! Clearly you have a very active spirit and personality !! Reading about your work-arounds and diy projects is very inspiring !

  6. I cannot tell you how much I admire you and LOVE your outlook. I'm signing up for a NO SPEND/LOSE A FEW POUNDS year myself! So encouraging to read your attitude about this!!

  7. Marty, I bet you're dying inside, not being able to unleash the motivation for the heavy duty projects. Patience is key to so many things. My #1 goal this year is downsizing. Purging is all I've been doing since Christmas. It's getting old, I need a vacation!

  8. I was hoping to do a no spend year, until the latest disaster - a flood in the lower level means I will have to spend a ton of money fixing up what I already fixed up!! Hopefully insurance will pay for it, fingers crossed.

  9. Marty -- A quick and reasonable way to frame those builder grade mirrors in the bathrooms, check out mirrormate. I used them and what a wonderful change. Great idea without a major remodel and will make quite a difference without having to replace costly mirrors. I know you are into save only, but this might make a great difference after you paint your vanities! Penny