Monday, April 1, 2019

Adding Some Spring To The Master Bathroom

Do you get the bug to switch things up when you clean?  I do all the time.  However for some reason I've left the master bathroom vanity the same for months.  I think that is because I still haven't painted or stained the vanity yet.  (Still deciding what I want to do since I can't do a complete gut job at the moment.)

After I cleaned today, I decided it was time to switch things up a bit.  I've had a round mirrored tray on the counter for ages, - time to replace it with something else. 

This is the tray I had before.  Not a huge change, but just switching accessories around and make a big difference.

This feels less cluttered and also more counter space which is always a bonus.

I love this orchid plant here so it stayed, however I added a few different accessories.  I put out a small gold tray to hold my perfumes and a candle.  This keeps this area clutter free.

  I placed all the other essentials on the other side of the sink.

 (Yes, that's me )

It's funny how such a small change seems to refresh the whole room.

Ok, I am serious about this.  I really am going to do something with this vanity.

What do you think - should I paint the vanity black or stain it dark? 

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  1. I like the idea of painting it black. Use STIX primer from Benjamin Moore -- NO sanding needed -- then paint with Advance Paint also Benjamin Moore. AMAZING and fantastic results. We did our kitchen that way last year before we sold our Burlington home. Perfect results!!

    Oshawa Ontario Canada (staying with friends until our new house is built!!)

  2. Marty - love your changeup! As for me, I think black might be too stark since the base is pretty good size. I like to use black as an accent, but I don't think it jives with your vibe. I am thinking that you could pick out a color from your granite - browns or maybe even cream so that your granite pops? Anyhow, I would make sure that the undertones are good with the room. Do you have an idea of what your floor is? Wood, tile, laminate or wood vinyl? Looks familiar to something I have on the floors in my downstairs which is a commercial product from Metroflor and I just love it and super easy to maintain. Just wondering! Good luck!

    1. We put the floors down when we moved in. There was really bad worn linoleum, so we added the wood floors. They are a beautiful medium tone wood color. Thanks for the help.

  3. Hi Marty,
    I love it the way it is. What about a dark gray instead of black if you do paint it. You are going to get a million opinions but the bottom line is you have to live with it and like it. You have a good sense of decor so I know what ever you decide it will be good.

  4. Hi Marty,
    I am a huge fan of black. It would really make all your beautiful accessories pop. Be sure to let us know what you decide!

  5. I painted mine black and it looks really elegant.

  6. I'm thinking black may be too extreme especially with the lighter granite and wood floor. My conservative tastes lean more toward a blending dark shade from the flooring and the counter top. It may be totally anti what you envision, but I don't think a darker shade of your wood trim in the room would be bad. It would keep things light and also help the wood grain in the flooring and the darker tones from the granite to pop. By the way, White Diamonds is my signature fragrance. Have worn it for years and love it.

  7. Paint it black. The oak wood has a strong grain pattern, which will compete with your wood floors and countertop. The black will calm the differing patterns down, and show both the counter and floor to advantage.

  8. I think you should paint it black, Marty. That's the first thing I thought when I saw the close up of your counters.

  9. I'm voting painting black, too! ;-) Here by way of Inspiration Monday… would love to have you join us at Homestyle Gathering on Tuesday!

  10. I'd vote for a creamy white. I think the black might overwhelm the small space. But whether you stain it dark, paint it black (or any other color) it will be an improvement and along with new hardware, the cabinet will look fresh and new. Also, food for thought if you are on the fence: if you stain first and hate it, you can always paint later. But doing the reverse will be a headache.

  11. LOL! You are so cute peeking out of the mirror! Love your spring changes and I vote for the white. :)

    Happy day!

  12. What a beautiful bathroom! I love the spring re-do. Our master bathroom is tiny, so there's not much room for too many changes! But you have inspired me! About the vanity, I think black would be pretty (but I'm very bad at visualizing, so I keep changing my mind...) Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things!