Wednesday, March 27, 2019

DO THIS - NOT THAT - Current Trends For Home Accessories

It just amazes me that not only do styles and colors change from year to year and time to time, but how you accessorize your home changes too.  What we use to think was chic and up to date now does nothing but "date" our home.  I have been noticing a couple of trends lately that is making me take a look at how I use some of my accessories. 

One accessory I love to use all the time are my throws.  They add pattern and color to my neutral furniture that I can't get with just pillows sometimes.  I think they also add that extra hint of warmth and coziness to any room.

How they are placed on your furniture is a whole new concept. 

 It use to be ok to just throw them over the back of a sofa. 

Now this doesn't look all that bad since they are using a quilt and the other side is a beautiful display of the pattern, but it is a little out of style for today.

Or fold them flat - I have styled my throws on my sofas like this for years - - -

and like this - --

and this - 

and on my bed like this - 

As I am browsing through all the magazines and online I am beginning to notice that this is not what is in style now.  A more layed back, un-structured style is what is in "vogue" at the moment.

I can take the same room and simply change out the placement of the throw and it looks so much more stylish. 


NOT THAT EITHER - ( I have been known to hang a throw over the arm of a sofa many times.)

On your bed 



How we display throws on chairs has changed a lot too. 





Staying current with how we display our accessories can make our rooms look up to date and stylish or dated.  Pay attention to all the latest ways the top designers use accessories in a room and style yours in a similar fashion.  You don't need to buy anything new, just change how you style them.

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  1. Yikes! You are correct it keeps changing and I am glad you shared these decorating tips to help me stay up-to-date.
    Happy Spring,

  2. To heck with what is "in style". Do whatever you like, do whatever is practical ~ and the rest of the world can go suck eggs!

  3. Why does this keep changing? Thanks for the update. Must shuffle a bit. When I try to do these looks for some reason looks messy to me instead of correct.


  4. LOL- Crazy, isn't it how things change? I change with a trend that I like but tend to stay with something if I like it. Just like colors and metals change so do pictures and throws and pillows. Have a great day, Marty! xo Diana

  5. This is really funny to me. I think people should just do what they like in their own home. I personally hate the throws put over a chair or sofa and one end dangling in the floor. I would think people might step/trip on it and you know it's in the way when you vacuum, mop, etc. I'm not a trend follower, can you tell? Our home works for us, not the other way around.

  6. You have such an eye for the details, Marty! I admit...I am committing some "throw" crimes. haha! I guess I need to start paying better attention.

  7. Marty,
    I have displayed throws similar to the DO when stylin' at my past employment.
    I agree, these times they are a changing. . .OR are they?
    Thank you for sharing the do~this~not~that current trends!

  8. Hi Marty,
    I like to stay with I know will work for me. Throws are just that you can throw them anyway you want on your furniture that you love. I do not think there should be any set way. Everything in life changes but I still stick by what you love is what should be your style. Fun to see all the ways to or not to do with a throw!

  9. Ha ha, my honey is the trendy one...way ahead of time! He’s just been using the DO styling for a long time. Now wouldn’t you know...he is folding neatly! Oh, dear, how do I tell him?