Monday, March 25, 2019

Model Home Furniture Warehouse - Let's Shop

One of my favorite places to shop is at Furniture Affair located at 7th St. & Bell Rd. in Phoenix if you live in the area.  It is filled to the brim with fabulous model home furniture with fabulous prices too.  Everything is always so stylish and a lot of things are totally out of the ordinary.  Their inventory changes quite often too, so it is a great place to frequent if you are looking for something.

(This is not a sponsored post, just a favorite store)

I was out to lunch with a friend the other day so we took a stroll through to see what all was new.  (I grabbed my iphone and took some pics. )  

 They had two of these dressers, I loved them.  $499

This place always amazes me.  I love that chair.

 This sofa is an eye stopper.  Love the nailhead trim.

This was a wonderful sectional in the tuxedo style. 

They have fabulous accessories and lamps too.

Ottomans as a coffeee table and that gold/lucite and mirror tray was stunning. $49

 Great modern style wingback chair.

 These apothecary jars are beautiful with stunning silver bases.  $29  and $24

 A snap to show you the size of this place.

and another one.

 They had a lot of orange/peach colors.

Another view across the room in another direction.

 That huge wood chain on the table intrigued me.  $49

 This settee is the perfect size to use at a dining table.

 These horns are so in style at the moment.  $39

 Another set $39

 Really gorgeous wooden urns on this dining table.

 This is what you see from another angle.  Tons of great furniture and accessories.

 All their pillows are for sale too and usually run under $20

 This was a really fun coffee table.

 I think you could definitely find something here.  Sofas run around $499 & up.  Chairs start as low as $99

 This one was a wow for use.  See that china cabinet - that shows you how tall the back was on this chair.

 This was my small purchase.  I know I am in a no spend period right now, but this was so reasonable I just couldn't pass it up and I have been wanting some coral for ages. (OK, so I talked myself into this one, but for $15 it's a bargain.)

Here is where I put it for now. 

So what did you think?  See anything you would like to have?

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  1. Thanks for the tour. Your coral is perfect! My favorite shot is the 2nd picture down. I LOVE that wall unit. Big and chunky, definitely a statement piece. However, I do want to know where the E went in LOVE?? Chy

  2. What a great place Marty. I can see why you would love this place. I see a lot of your style there. Have a great Sunday.

  3. I absolutely must find a place like this in the Richmond, VA area!

  4. Hi Marty! Wow, what a place! I do believe the shopping is great in your area! I love your pretty coral too. Have a great week.
    Be a sweetie,

    Shelia :)

  5. Yes...I'll take one of everything!! Ha!!

  6. These are really great antique pieces one should have in their home. Through these pieces you can enhance the look of your room. You can get the comfy chairs for bedroom to improve the look your room.