Thursday, March 7, 2019

New Marshalls - Are Your Stores So Full You Can't See Anything

A few months ago we got a new Marshalls close to me and I was so thrilled.  I strolled through that first week and it was such a pleasure to have this wonderful store close by.  I hadn't been back in a while until yesterday.  I was running a few errands and Marshalls is across the street, so I popped in.  My goodness, it is so hard to see anything.  This place was so piled full of stuff and not much rhyme or reason for how it was displayed.  Let me take you for a walk through up and down the aisles from front to back.

This is the middle of an aisle.  I couldn't figure out what all this display had in common, just a bunch of random things.

Furniture between the pillow aisles with pillows and rugs thrown on top of the furniture.

Chairs, lamps and dog toys all together.

How many of the same table do they need?

I think there might be some cute rugs in this mess.

Bed pillows, chairs, end tables and bar stools.

These two rockers are gorgeous and on a little platform by themselves. That is how it should all look if it didn't have toys on the seats and the floor in front and back filled with potted plants so you couldn't walk around.

This was not a clearance aisle.

How about some Easter Bunnies mixed in with your bar stools.

These pretty towels got lost with cardboard boxes of pillows next to it.

Now not sure if they are short handed or what, but I found it really hard to see all of their gorgeous Spring Decor since it was all piled together.   I think they really needed about half the inventory they had, then maybe they could display it in a way it would sell.

My Home Goods looked about the same last time I was in.  Way too much merchandise up and down every aisle and poorly displayed.  Are your stores looking the same way?

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  1. Hi Marty, Yes! Our Marshall's and Home Goods recently combined into a brand new building and I was really excited BUT .. . as you showed, you can't move in there and I've just given up shopping there. There is not even room for two carts to pass in an aisle; one shopper has to back up. And the merchandise is getting almost too predictable - "fake farmhouse" decor gone wild. That's why I like my blogs (including yours!) - lots of inspiration for creating my own art and decor to make my home unique. Good post! ~Cheryl

  2. As a former retail manager,I'd rather see too much than too little in any store especially if it's new! The store needs to be merchandised properly and straighten. And a new store usually gets more product than it can handle in the beginning. Store management needs to make sure that it is straighten at night before closing so that it's in order when the store opens in the morning. They should also have workers to make sure merchandise is in it's proper place. Unfortunately, because of budgets, there are times when not enough employees are working or even hired and can't keep up with the untidiness. There is a method to keeping the stores presentable and well stocked! Perhaps the staff isn't trained enough or properly! I, too, get turned off when things are messy - but give the new store a break. The next time you might be surprised at what you find!

  3. Too much merchandise and not enough staff. Our Marshallls and TJ Max are much better and I go weekly. Hair products, paper plates and much are much cheaper and more to select from.

  4. WOW---that is a lot of stuff. Our Marshalls is almost sparse sometimes and our TJMaxx is not too crowded with merchandise either. I sometimes wonder if they take stuff from stores that aren't doing as well and move it to bigger markets.
    Have a great night, Marty. xo Diana

  5. Agree with Gail. It is all a matter of merchandizing and be sure things are straightened. We have several TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Home Goods stores within 20 minutes of us. Some are just as you described and some are a pleasure to shop at. It is ALL about management and the team they hire.

  6. Oh my!!! What a hot mess! I have never been in a Marshall's with this much inventory. Evidently this store's manager needs some new marketing skills. I hate when a store is so full you can't really see what's there....just too overwhelming! Belk is a store I have always shopped in a great deal, but lately it seems most of them are overstuffed too. I usually just turn around and walk out!

  7. I would be overwhelmed by that mess! It looks like they don't have any storage place to store the extra stock so they threw everything out on the sales floor...too much! I would leave without buying a single thing- and would be very reluctant to go back!

  8. Looks like they have too much stock out on the floor... And no one is straightening the aisles and merchandise. Our Marshall's and T.J. Maxx's do not look like this at all...

  9. My Home Goods looks much the same, everything jumbled together and too much of the same thing!! But my TJMaxx is much better. It is not packed full and it all makes sense, very easy to shop there.