Monday, April 29, 2019

After Easter - Spring Into Summer

Easter is over and it's not quite summer yet, so after all those Bunnies and Eggs are put away, then what?  Officially summer is still a month away, so I am not ready to rush things, but I do need to refresh my home a bit.  I don't think you have to re-invent the wheel each time you make a change in your decor.  Sometimes it is fun to totally start from scratch and switch everything up, but most of the time just a few simple tweaks and you have a whole new look.

Pillows and throws can change any space in a flash.  Adding some new, swapping out a few others and your room suddenly looks fresh and new.  By adding yellow and white with the blue pillow that I was already using and adding some yellow branches to a floral arrangement, this room looks totally different. 

Adding yellow to the room gave it a huge color boost.  If my room has been rather neutral before, then adding some color gives the room a whole new life.

Texture totally changes a room too.  The hat on the chair draws your eye to the basket that the plant is in.  Use your baskets and even your summer hat to add a bit of texture to a room.  Shop the house for anything you might have.  

The coffee table is a great place to add some texture and character too.  You could replace the white bowl that I am using with a beautiful basket tray filled with a candle, books, a pretty box - all kinds of interesting items.  For summer I like to lighten things up a bit so I left the bowl empty. ( For Easter it will filled with marble eggs.) 

This pretty bowl and plant add tons of texture to this table.

It really is easy to go from this - 

To this without reinventing the wheel.

I love both looks but it is nice to switch a few things around for a change.   How about you, do you like to switch it up a bit?

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  1. Always love your style Marty. I love the light you get in your house too. So pretty.
    Happy Sunday.

  2. Just love how you change things and make them fresh and new. Do you make your pillows?


  3. Love the yellow! Very fresh and a nice boost of color!

  4. What a beautiful room. So welcoming and fresh. I leave bunnies, nests and birds up all through the year. Bunnies and birds live in nature all year so why not my cottage I figure. LOL.

  5. Marty thanks for posting you beautiful style of decorating. I need some inspiration desperately, I think I have lost my decorating "touch".

  6. I love your tasteful decorating, not too much, just enough. I am also leaning toward gold, it really brightens a home