Thursday, April 4, 2019

Graduations & Weddings - Choosing The Right Outfit & Sales Racks

We have two out of town family events this summer.  A College Graduation to attend on May 2nd and a Wedding on June 15, so the question always comes up - - 
Since my back surgery, I have discovered that heels and I aren't quite comfortable at the moment.  (I found that out at our sons wedding in January.)  So I am going to be safe and comfortable and wear flats.  That means I need outfits that look stylish and chic with flats.

Both events are in Salt Lake and the weather the first of May will still be a little bit cool for us, so I am planning on an outfit that won't be bulky, but will add the warmth that I will need.

For Graduation - these are a few contenders.

Black Pants/ Black Beaded mockneck sweater and White Lace Jacket. Paired with black patent flats and black clutch bag.

or - Black Turtleneck, White Pants and White Jacket.  As much as I love this white jacket, I just don't think this is right for this occasion.

Suede Jacket, Black Turtleneck and Black Pants with Leopard flats.  I think this could work.

Switching Gears - 

 Black slacks, black turtleneck and taupe pearls.  I love this jacket and wear it often,  It always looks great for almost any occasion.  It is cut leather and really pretty in person.  I think this is the one I will go with.

These flats and clutch will be perfect.  I think this will look chic, but not overdone.

Graduation is a big deal, Jordan is graduating with his Masters Degree in Architecture.  There will be the University Graduation on May 2nd and then a special ceremony for the Masters Architectural Class on May3.  For that I think I will wear another tried and true outfit. 

This jacket always looks amazing.  I think I will pair it with white pants and a black turtleneck.

Tons of detail and it always looks crisp and chic. I will also pair it with black patent shoes and black bag.

There is a family party on Saturday and I will need an outfit for that.  Here are two contenders 

Black and White polka dot blouse and black pants.  Paired with black flats.

White Pants and black and white top.  This one looks bad on the hanger, but the ruffled dolman sleeve is really flattering.  Again I would pair it with black flats.

The problem comes with the Wedding in June.  The weather will be in the 80's, so something that is cool.  This is not a formal wedding where I need a long dress, but I do need something dressy.  I've been debating a few things in my closet.

This sequin top is really pretty.  A semi boat neck and little cap sleeves.  Gorgeous black sequins front and back.  Paired with cream crepe pants it looks a little more "dressy casual" than with black pants.  Add black patent flats and a cute black clutch, that really pretty black pearl choker you see on the little mannequin  and - This might work - - -

I also have this really pretty Ribbon Lace top.  It is stunning on with a really pretty square neckline and the Cami underneath is slightly fitted, so it is really flattering. This could be a contender.

 The color is a really soft silvery beige - almost a pale pink. I think I could just wear pearl earrings with this and use a black bag and shoes.

I think I have shopped every store in town to try and find something that I really, really loved.  I have even ordered about 5 outfits and returned them all.  Finally while I was out shopping last week, I found this top.

  I think this is the winner.  

This is a beautiful light burgundy silk that is gorgeous.  I love the pleated and gathered detail on the sleeves.  Very pretty but not fussy.  I also love the pretty boat neck.  The bottom fits nicely on the hips, not snug, but not loose either.

Simple white Pearls look great, or it would look good with nothing, maybe just amazing earrings. 

 (I never shop all those sales racks, just too much all stuffed onto a rack and it totally overwhelms me.  The sales lady helping me knew this top was on the sales rack and brought it into the dressing room for me to try.  Perfect and on sale down from $129.00 to $45.15.  So if you can, check those sales racks or at least hopefully a sales lady will for you.)

I really don't like wearing white to weddings even though I know it is acceptable.  So maybe black  crepe slacks and gray pearls.  I also have a gray pearl bracelet and earrings that will finish off the look. I'll pair it with some black patent flats and a silver/gray handbag that you see hanging on the side.  Actually this outfit is really beautiful with the black pants, I think it is my favorite. 

Accessories can totally make the outfit and I always love understated elegance, so maybe I will just wear these gorgeous Gray Pearl & Diamond Earrings and leave it simple.  

So I think I have definitely decided on these three outfits.  
#1 Main Graduation at University 

#2 Masters Architecture Class Graduation

Family Party on Saturday - I think I will take both tops then I can decide later, so both of these.

 I have been trying to take into account things that pack well and all of these do.  It's nice not to have to worry about everything being wrinkled when we arrive.


  Another interesting detail I just found out - the brides colors are Navy and Burgundy, so this top is definitely the right color.

I think that is enough versatility that I can mix and match several of these tops and pants to create any outfit I need at the moment.  The only extra pieces I will take is a pair of white jeans, black sweater and sneakers.  I think I am all set.

Ok, now that is finally decided.  What do you think- did I make the right choices?

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  1. You made the right choices and will look so stylish. Enjoy the events!!

  2. Love all your selections and think they will be very appropriate. But, I love the ribbon lace top. It is really my favorite. You can now relax and look forward to your trips.

  3. Marty, this was one of the most delightful posts ever! I loved "going through your closet with you" and watching as you pair outfits together. Each one is lovely! But I think your final choices are tops, great job. Thanks for letting us tag along, and I hope to see pics from the events as time goes on.

  4. I love your taste in clothing. Each outfit is outstanding. You will look gorgeous. Have a great time at each event. Judy Marks

  5. You have so many wonderful celebrations coming up, Marty - enjoy them all!

  6. Lovely choices! You’ll be comfortable and stylish!

  7. FANTASTIC choices and I loved the "tour" of your own private boutique!!! Enjoy your events!
    Ramona Oshawa ON Canada

  8. Marty,
    LOVE your choices!
    You're going to receive "The Best Dressed Guest" Award!
    Enjoy yourself!