Sunday, May 26, 2019

Friday DIY & Finds

Some great makeovers and diy projects happening all over blogland.

This Coastal Blue Bedroom Makeover is a stunner.  Check out every detail.

This Laundry Room Makeover is one of the best I have seen and on such a shoestring budget.

This Little Girl's Bedroom Makeover for Habitat for Humanity is totally a dream for some lucky little girl. 

This is a wonderful step by step tutorial on how to add an apron front sink if you have granite counter tops. 

Swapping out the dining chairs to something open and airy totally changed this dining room.  Give this some thought if your room is looking crowded and small.

This is an awesome tutorial to create a Faux Orchid Arrangement.  Love this. 

Sometimes Vacations with small children can be tricky.  This is a great article to help you out with tons of valuable information.

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  1. Thanks for all the inspiration! Kim's bedroom makeover is amazing!

    Happy day friend!

  2. Hi Marty! Love your featured bloggers - but Sanctuary? I just did her home tour and laughed and wept and gnashed my teeth and now want to burn down my house. I think her Cali house is straight out of one of my dreams. Holy moley it's so awesome. Just freaking wow. And I found Karen just cuz she went more casual on her dining chairs. Yeesh.

    Hope you are well and enjoying your holiday weekend. And we cannot forget our brave fallen who, because of their selflessness and sacrifice we are able to live our lives free. God bless each and every one of the men, women and their service animals.

    Big hugs, Marty. ♥

  3. PS

    I sooooo pinned that apron sink idea - I was told it couldn't be done - and getting new granite after only 8 years isn't going to happen anytime soon.....already email my tile guy with that blog post link. Thank you - if I get it done (though I want SS not white) I will let you know and then you can feature me if I do a big reveal, haha.

    One can only hope, right?

    I'd love to guy the kitchen and reconfigure it most logistically for two cooks - we are constantly in one another's way - my kitchen is "ok and updated "ish," but way way way not conductive to good smart use.)

    OK, I really hate it. There. I put it in writing. I HATE IT - but until I get sponsored (hahahaha) my dream kitchen is never gonna happen. So I better shut up and put on my big girl panties and quit my whining! : - )