Thursday, May 2, 2019

Porch Decor Ideas For A Small Stoop

Now that we have done some basic landscaping in the front of our house, I think it is time to create a fun inviting and welcoming front porch.

I love our house and the exterior is pretty, however I don't really have a front porch, just a stoop.  
This is how the front of our house looked when we bought it 2 years ago. 

This is our tiny front porch.  I hung a wreath that I had and added a plant when we moved in. Nothing too exciting going on here. 

For Christmas I hung a garland, new wreath and added a small Christmas Tree.

Since we moved in, we've removed some overgrown and dead plants that were blocking the window and started fresh.  We planted a pretty row of flowering bushes across the front of the window.  They are way too small still, but should fill in nicely in a few months.  Two planters are kind of filling in the space for now.  I like how things are beginning to shape up, but now I really need the front porch to be pretty and inviting.

I've been scouring pinterest for some ideas for a small porch and how to make it interesting, but there really aren't too many to choose from.  Most homes have at least a little bit of a porch, so this is hard.

She added a lot of character here with her planters.

If I had room a small bench would be fabulous.

This is pretty with the black and white.  

The blue door is gorgeous too and those ferns are to die for.  I can't do ferns in our hot & dry weather they would die  in nothing flat.

I love the idea of layering a rug with the doormat.  That adds some color.

Sarah @ Life On Virginia Street  had a recent post sharing some really gorgeous planters for the porch.

I think I can pull off a more interesting porch with just a few simple changes that I can mostly DIY.  
My porch is so small that I don't have room for much, so I am thinking a couple of plants, a great rug and doormat, maybe a basket instead of a wreath and go from there. 


How about you, do you have a big porch or a small stoop?

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  1. Oh Marty just removing the big over grown bushes has opened up that space so nicely. I have that hello rug and I love how it is on top of the black and white rug. I may have to steal that idea for my front porch. In a few weeks I am hoping the weather here in Illinois will allow me to get out and fix my porch up and start planting my flowers. I cannot wait. Happy Wednesday. Have a fabulous days.

  2. I know whatever you do will look amazing, Marty - your sense of style is spot on!!

  3. Your front porch always looks great, Marty. Your sense of style works there as well as inside your home. It looks like we are going to build and we will have a small front porch, too, so I will look again at this when we get to that point. xo Diana

  4. I love your house exterior Marty! I love the Mediterranean look:) I love what your planning! I need to do mine, we have a fairly large front porch and sometimes it's hard to make look cozy and you have to spend a lot of money to make it look cohesive which is no bueno...

  5. I am so excited to be selling our house and the porch needs to look great so thank you for sharing. Happy Mother's Day, Kippi