Thursday, May 16, 2019

Yes You Can Have Flowers In The Hot Desert

Do you love flowers and pretty variegated bushes in your landscape?  Here's how you can have them even in the desert in really hot climates. 

When we moved to Arizona years ago it was in the middle of August and I thought I was going to die from all the heat.  I also am not a huge fan of cactus, so this really didn't look like how I wanted my surroundings to look.  

I told my husband if we had to move here (for his job) then I wanted an Old English Garden.  He looked at me like I was crazy, but said he would do his best. (He's a Master Gardener so I wanted miracles.)  Well, not exactly an Old English Garden, but he did create a beautiful yard with tons of pretty flowers.

Even our pool was designed to look like a pond with a waterfall.  

When we bought this house 2 years ago of course a pool was #1 on my list for the back yard.  It was completed in time for our first summer and it is my happy place where I love to be.  These tiny little plants looked so small at first.  But - - -- - - -

Just look at them now.  Those tiny bushes grew and started glowing with tons of pretty flowers and color.  The beds are filled in with some wonderful perennials and annuals that also have tons of blooms.  What a difference a year can make. We even had to cut some of them way back this spring.

Don't be afraid to mix some tropical plants in for a little contrast.

The bright orange and yellow bushes are Lantana that have been cut back so they grow up the wall instead of sprawling on the ground.  I love that splash of color.
Check with your local nursery wherever you live.  There are so many different flowering bushes and shrubs for every climate and every region.  Pick out the ones you love and enjoy the garden of your dreams too.

For Mother's Day hubby surprised me when he cut a few things from the yard and made me a beautiful bouquet.  He didn't need to go to the Florist, he just shopped our backyard.

I think I have the best of both worlds now.  I don't have to shovel snow in the winter, fight rain for months on end and humidity that can make breathing impossible.  Ours is hot, but it really is a dry heat and only lasts for about 4 months.  The rest of the year our temps are mainly in the 70's, how great is that.   In the summer if I am warm I can just go jump in the pool and enjoy my pretty flowers. 

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  1. Your yard is so pretty and the flowers add the exact compliment to the water in the pool. Your master gardener did a masterful job on both the yard and the bouquet.

  2. your yard and garden are just stunning! i think your master gardner husband has a real eye for what plants comliment each other and terrific ideas for spacing and plant locations! it was fun to see your yard from different angles and to see just how lush it has gotten! beautiful job! and i would love to see more of the yard in future posts.

  3. What a difference! The flowers are beautiful Just completes your pool.

  4. Hermoso se ve todo Marty...las lantanas me encantan porque son las flores preferidas de las seguro las verás por ahí...Que rico estar en la piscina en un día caluroso...Saludos

  5. Love all the beautiful color. Yes I think you do have the best of both worlds! If I lived in the desert I would also want a pool & then I think like you I would be quite content. I love the fall in the Midwest where I live but after the first snow I am usually ready for spring.

  6. Oh my Marty to have all that beauty after only one year of planting. You have a great green thumb for plants to look that pretty in the hot climate there. Your pool area is so dreamy. Enjoy that pretty pool and looking at all the pretty flowers.

  7. Oh Marty, your hubby did a fantastic job!! Your gardens are glorious!! Kudos to him, he really did get you that English garden look!!

  8. How nice to see a garden that would be at home in my yard-Palm Springs! This is one of my only blogs that has a climate like mine! I always look forward to your posts. Beautiful and achievable in my yard! Thank you, and more please of your yard! Almost all the other sites I visit are completely opposite my climate, and have no relation to my desert home. It’s a dry heat!!

  9. Wow all the plants and flowers have grown so much! It looks fabulous. It sure is a far cry from the beginnings of that back yard!

  10. Your garden and landscaping is gorgeous. How wonderful that you have your own "Gardener" available. I'm so jealous of your lantana, and all the beautiful color you have. It's a fabulous oasis!

  11. Marty, I think he is a keeper ! Magic in the yard. Yard to table looks pretty good.

  12. Marty, who knew?! Comes in handy having a Master Gardener in the family! Your garden is so lovely and so surprising. Thank you for the inspiration.

  13. You are so blessed to have a master gardener in the house! I love the before and after pictures of your backyard. That Lantana is so pretty!

    Happy day friend!

  14. Hi Marty! Stopping by today from Thursday Favorite Things at Amber's Follow the Yellow Brick Home. :) Congratulations on being featured and I love how your English garden turned out!!! It is amazing what you can do with flowers which will grow in your area. I'm having fun learning about Texas gardening with our new house here. First time I'll actually be able to have shade-loving plants! Lol!

    Happy Memorial Day to you and your hubby,
    Barb :)

  15. You backyard looks amazing with all those florals that love the heat! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your feature at Thursday Fave Things! We would love to have you join us at the newest link party on the block... Tuesday Turn About, starting this coming Tuesday at 5pm CST!