Saturday, July 6, 2019

Budget Hall Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Budget Hall Bathroom Makeover

This was your typical builder grade bathroom.  Nothing fancy, just off the shelf cabinets and toilet.  No upgrades at all.  Useable, but not very pretty.  We added a few accessories and called it good for a while, but now it is time to upgrade a little.

We started by emptying the whole room out before our guys got here.  Boy does this look plain and naked.

Our guys arrived at 7AM and got right to work.  In nothing flat they had the whole room gutted. 

Before I could snap any more pictures, they were already dry fitting the vanity and had replaced some of the flooring.  They took some extra pieces that we had and wove them in to create a seamless look.
Then one of the guys was already cutting the hole for the new medicine cabinet

While he was doing that, the other one just about had the new toilet installed. 

The new medicine cabinet is much larger, so he had to rework the studs.

Just that fast, the new one was installed.  Nice upgrade on this one.  Next he started to fit the vanity in place.

A little over three hours from start to finish they were done.  Everything was caulked, painted, new baseboards and mirror hung.  Wow, time for me to finish cleaning a little and then add my accessories.   We have the standard bathtub surround that is totally builder basic.  That has to stay for a while, the estimates I've received so far to replace with a nice tub and tile surround is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy out of my budget.  We're looking at $3800 on the cheap side and up to $6000 for anything upgraded.

Previously I had a painting hanging above the toilet, however I decided to add some shelves this time around.  Hubby uses this as his bathroom, so I wanted to give it a little bit of masculine vibe. 

I kept the counter really simple.  (The mirror is from Target )

I love to walk through Model Homes and see what is new in the building world and I love to see how they are decorated.  One thing I have noticed is all the upscale homes are adding in really large, nice medicine cabinets.  Not those old small things we use to see.  I ordered one for this bathroom makeover and it is really fabulous.  (Yes we had to take one of the globes off so the door would open all the way.  I have a new single light fixture coming.)

The inside has shelves that can be configured in so many different ways. It also has a mirror on the inside of the door.  Since this is hubby's bathroom, he loves having all this space.

 I had fun with the shelves - just adding a lot of different accessories and a few of his toiletries.

Since there isn't a built in shelf in the tub surround, we added one above the surround to hold shampoo, moisturizer and body wash.

Sometimes it's the really inexpensive little details that finish a room off.  I found a cute brushed chrome waste basket and toilet brush at Ross.  Both around $14, so nothing expensive, but just the upgrade this room needed from the plastic waste basket that was here.

All in all I am really pleased with how the bathroom turned out. The entire cost breakdown is at the bottom of the post. 

I have to save up a while to replace the tub and surround, so for now this is a really Budget Friendly Makeover.  The new Vanity, toilet and medicine cabinet are fabulous upgrades.

Vanity $299 on sale 
Toilet $99
Medicine Cabinet $144.39
Round Mirror  $79.99
Total $622.38
Labor $300.00
Total $922.38

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  1. That turned out fantastic! Love the size of that medicine cabinet. Great job on the decorating accents too!

  2. Hermoso ha quedado Marty..esos detalles hacen gran diferencia..El gabinete me gusta mucho, no quita mucho espacio. Saludos desde Costa Rica.

  3. I love it Marty. What a great team of workers you had too. Love the new bigger medicine cabinet. Happy 4th.

  4. Marty, that looks beautiful. It is amazing all the "little things" you did to upgrade it and it didn't cost and arm and a leg. You gave the workers the magic and they sure worked it in a beautiful way. Have a wonderful 4th of July. Karie

  5. Hi Marty,
    I would say mission accomplished.....It looks beautiful but in a manly sort of way, shall we say!! lol
    Love the medicine cabinet....very nice....cause you don't have to bend over to get to everything underneath the
    cabinets...Would love to put one in, but don't know if we can, as we have a pocket door on one side and a electrical outlet (our only one in there) on the other wall and I was thinking how about instead of mirrors, the wall where I have mirrors is CBS with dry wall over think that pretty much rules it out unfortunately....
    Bet your hubby is really enjoying all his great looking masculine space there.......
    You always make everything look awesome.......
    Hope this finds you doing well hon,

  6. What a wonderful look you created. We love it. Where did you purchase the mirror, please. The link above for the mirror takes us to the medicine cabinet again. We might try to do something similar.

    1. Sorry, the mirror is from Target - - -

  7. Hi Marty, I love your new bathroom! Such budget friendly ideas and it came together beautifully! When you refer to "your guys" where do you find your crew to do the labor on these sorts of remodels?

    1. This is the same guys that spear headed up my Kitchen remodel. They have worked for me and my daughter for years.

  8. Replies
    1. The labor for my guys was $300. They are the same guys that did most of my kitchen remodel.

  9. Wow, Marty, that looks wonderful!!! It's amazing how a few small changes can have such a big impact!

  10. YOU got that labor for a steal - that would never EVER happen here. In fact there's so much building and growing around here it's nearly impossible to even get a contractor to return my calls! It is even the case with a contractor I sing with in choir at church! You know it's bad when I friend won't even budge.

    Your hubby's bathroom looks really fabulous - good work, Marty. Hugs.

  11. Looks very nice. You have definitely given me some good ideas that I can use in my bathrooms. I have a similar builder basic situation going on. I kind if miss your former shower
    curtain but see why you changed it for a more masculine look. I bet hubby likes it too ! Good job !

  12. Again love the medicine cabinet because we are wanting one for hubby's vanity.

  13. Your bathroom makeover looks great! What a difference!