Friday, July 12, 2019

How To Easily Clean & Refurbish Your Old BBQ

If your grill is like mine, it really needs some love.  Mine is full of grease that hasn't been cleaned off inside for a while and the grates are almost beyond cleaning.

  This is a BBQ that I've had for several years.  Nothing fancy, just the right size for the two of us most of the time, so I really like it.

I didn't grill much last year, so this poor BBQ was really a dirty mess.  Tons of caked on grease eveywhere.  I turned it on and the grease on the bottom caught fire.  That was a scary mess, so time to give this a good cleaning and makeover. 

I think those grates were almost past redemption, so I looked online and found some replacement grates on Amazon.  These were made for my make and model grill.  Perfect.  Now to clean this thing up.

I took it all apart to see what I was going to have to deal with.  My shiny new grates on the left and the old pieces on the right.  I also got out my wire brush and scraper and some CitruSafe BBQ Grill Cleaner.

What I saw inside was really gross.  No wonder it caught fire, there was tons of built up grease.

Next thing was to use the wire brush and scraper and clean as much of the grease out of the bottom and sides as possible.  Once that was done I sprayed the inside really well with the cleaner and let it set for a while.

I scrubbed it really well with a course pad and then rinsed it out and let it dry.  This is so much better.

My shiny new grates absolutely glow.

Next I decided it was time to clean up underneath too.

Now my grill is fresh, clean and ready for use.

I finished off by cleaning the outside really well too.   Looks almost like a brand new grill and all for about an hours work.

If yours needs a good cleaning, go for it.  It really isn't all that hard and you will be thrilled with a fresh grill to cook on.  Also check out all the different grates to see if you can get replacement ones for your grill too.

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  1. Looks great, Marty...or should I say "grate"! We replaced ours recently and it made such a huge different. I am embarrassed at how bad ours was looking... Enjoy your day!

  2. Muy linda parrilla Marty, quedó como nuevo...Me encanta leer tus posts de limpieza. Saludos

  3. Wow Marty this looks brand new. Never heard of Citrus grill. I'm going to look for it and do this to ours.

    Enjoy your afternoon.