Monday, July 8, 2019

Our House Sold

Two 1/2 Years ago (Dec, 2016) we sold our house & bought our current home.  I just received notice from Zillow that our previous home had sold (May,2019)  It was interesting to see changes that the owners had made over the last 2 1/2 years.  The most dramatic changes were to the backyard.

  We had just done a complete makeover of that home from top to bottom, including our backyard.  The "Little Pool" in our backyard is what always grabbed everyone's attention and was featured in several magazines, and HGTV.  

It was a great place to cool off and relax, plus a fabulous water feature and addition to the back yard.

We had quite a few plants and trees in the yard. 

This is the view from the pool back to the patio.

Now I realize that everyone is different and likes different things.  I was just surprised to see that they removed the pool in the backyard.  That was one of the main reasons they liked the house.  This is what the backyard looks like today.  (Pictures from the Realtor Listing)

The entire back yard has been changed.  All of the plants and trees have been removed also.

 View back to the patio.

The house sold within a few days and I wish the couple that owned the house nothing but the best.  They had two large dogs and a new baby, so maybe this yard fit their needs better. 

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  1. Looked better before, without the trees and plants it looks so sparse and unfinished.

  2. Wow - I can't imagine preferring the bare yard to your beautiful plants and pool!! Looks so dreary!

  3. OMG Marty why would they take out all that pretty? I could see the pool maybe with a little one but all the plants? Yikes that would make the house more appeal the way you had it.

  4. Are you kidding me?? They have completely trashed that yard after you had it looking so great! They have obviously just given over the backyard to the two large dogs. This just makes me sad.

  5. This must be hard for you to see. I learned it's not good to look at houses we have left. I immediately knew there were dogs in the yard, probably large dogs. Plants would not survive and yardwork is demanding. Maybe the new owners will have a different lifestyle.

  6. Ugh, that's why I don't even like driving by our old house! Our buyers still haven't moved in and weeds are taking over the landscape beds. I fear they'll rip it all out. You did wonders to that property, sad to see it all gone. Bet they could've gotten more had they left the appeal of the landscape!

  7. Gees that is very drastic! I’m so shocked to see so much plant life stripped away. This is an “I don’t want to take care of anything approach”. I guess sometimes it’s best not to look back.

  8. OMGoodness, this is shocking!!! WHY would they take out all the plants??? That is really strange. Our old house looks like the wrath of God; the new owners have done literally NOTHING outside. It is all overgrown, they don't even mow in the summer. It is a disgrace and I'm sure the poor neighbors are very upset. It breaks my heart cause we did so much work there. I am sure this is very sad for you too.

  9. Marty,
    I understand completely with your feelings.
    We try to never drive by our "Dream House" when traveling back for Reunions and such.
    We had received "Yard of the Month" for each year and often several times throughout a Season.
    Last time we were by the House. . .the owner had air conditioning units stuck in the windows of each bedroom. The house has Central Air???
    I always loved your home. . .and the backyard once looked like an oasis.
    One of my dear friends tells me often, "Don't look back and move on (forward)".
    It's been great advice for me.

  10. The After coming before the Before makes for a rather sad tale. I appreciate your trying to be understanding because after all it is someone else's home, but it must have also been somewhat heart breaking to see all the hard work and hours of enjoyment gone.

  11. You had a beautiful yard. I too find the " after " hard to look at. Strange that they would remove even the trees, as they really don't take that much upkeep. I found out from my neighbors at my current home that my next door neighbors to my side had removed a complete row of pine trees that provided complete privacy between my yard & theirs. I would love to have had the privacy that would have provided. Well at least I didn't know what I missed because the trees were already removed before we moved in. Different strokes for different folks I suppose.

  12. Just wow. I also like to look back on houses that have been in the family or that I have lived in. In my first house, I had a little pond, fruit trees and an amazing old grape arbor. One of the subsequent families cut down all living plants but lawn, front and back. No more rock garden or shrubs out front, or the black eyed Susan's along the curb out front, either. Loved your "before" yard, btw.

  13. So very, very said to gaze upon that beautiful yard as it sits now. Your beautiful lawn, trees and shrubs were the garden's beautiful features and your pool was the piece de'resitence'. No wonder it made it into magazines! And from you and your husband's perspective, he a master landscape artist, and you a master home decorator, I can imagine your heartbreak because of the emotional and physical work you put into that yard. And all the love, as well! Marty, it was not all lost. We, your blogger friends, have appreciated your work and artistry. Especially those of us who live in Arizona. Thank goodness for your pictures. And thank the Lord for your new home, in which you will make more beauty and memories for you and your family.

  14. Oh dear! That is pathetic!!! It looks horrible. You had that place so beautiful both inside and out. What a sorry sight. I can't even imagine what the inside looks like. I am sorry to see it, I can only imagine how you and your hubby feel.

  15. Wow. The new owners will never know what they missed. But instead of crying over what was, look that you have done at the new house. All you can do is all you can do.

  16. uuuuh my..... that looks horrible. What have they done to a beautiful and cosy garden? I understand to take off the pool because of the little kid,but now it's the playground for the dogs.
    I know to have a beautiful garden makes works, but now.... no,no,no.
    Greetings from Germany

  17. oh how sad, That would make me cry! You had it so cute. oh well, just be glad they are not your neighbors!!!

  18. En ese patio ya no hay recordó al cuento del Gigante egoista...La alegría no se ve por ahí...espero que solo sea por un tiempo...pero yo como amo las plantas y la vida que dan mi sueño es tener una casa pequeña con jardín..creo que pronto se me hará....ya estoy trabajando en ello.. Saludos

  19. That is too bad. There is no life in that yard. Maybe it was too much to water? I'm so sorry.

  20. Unbelievable! They obviously spend no time outside since even the patio is desolate. But please don't blame the dogs! We have two large ones and manage to have a landscaped yard. It just takes a little more planning.