2017 Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to the 2017 Christmas Home Tours . I am thrilled to be starting todays tours off .  If you are new to our home I am so excited you stopped by.   Last year we had only been in our home a week before Christmas and I felt lucky to have one room where company could sit down and a 4' tree.  We still managed to have 18 for Christmas night and it was so wonderful to be close to all of the family.  This year I couldn't wait to decorate.  We have been so busy all year remodeling and redoing each room, so now it was time to add a bit of Christmas Cheer to our home.

  I've been busy wrapping a few presents to put on the porch..  It's still in the 80's here, but I am pretending it is going to be a snowy Christmas.   Come on in, I can't wait to show you our home all dressed in Christmas spirit.

There are 5 more homes on the tour today, so check them out at the end of my tour.

As you walk in looking straight ahead,  the first thing you see is the stairs.  We haven't had stairs for over 20 years, so I had so much fun creating the garland to decorate ours this year. This view shows a bit of the upstairs loft area and the archway leads to the downstairs family room and kitchen that occupy the back half of the house.

As you look to the right you will see the living room and our tree.

With two story ceilings, we chose to get a 9' tree this year. 

 I love the light this room gets, but it almost made the tree too bright for good pics.  I kept it simple with just gold and silver.

The most amazingly wonderful thing about our tree this year is how the light from upstairs shines on it in the afternoon.  Just as we were all sitting down to dinner for Thanksgiving, I looked up and a light from the loft window upstairs was shining on our Angel.  We had just finished saying grace.   This made us all pause and give thanks again.

This year the tree is the main show, I kept the rest of the decor pretty simple.

Pillows with a little sparkly and shine.  The malachite pillows are favorites.  I added a little gold sparkle to them a few years ago.  A really fun diy project.

Santa dressed in his gold and white finery, a sparkly twig tree and gold reindeer on the coffee table.

The entrance table received a forest of trees that light up and my favorite Carolers.

There is plenty of sparkle and shine in the dining area from the garland and chandelier.

I shared a tutorial on how I created the garland here.

Our Nativity graces the center of the table.  This is such a special treasure that I inherited from my Mother-in-Law.  These are vintage pieces that my hubby remembers as he was growing up.

A special angel that I found at Goodwill is watching over the miracle of the Lords birth.

I set the table for Christmas dinner using the same centerpiece.  It just seemed appropriate for the day.

Antique gold trimmed glasses and my bone handled silverware kept the gold-white and silver theme going.

I love this view at dusk with all the lights - taken from the bottom of the stairs.

We are so happy to be in our new home and so Thankful for all of Gods Blessings.  Being closer to family has made a huge change in our lives.  (A new grandson has been one of many Blessings) .  I will have all of my children and grands (except 2) here this year for Christmas.  Several that live out of state will be coming home, so my heart is about to explode with joy.

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